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Hanks Eighteen Sound Horn System

Hank  built this amazing  gob stopping   

Active Amplified 4way  Manta-Ray horn  Speaker System using 18 Sound  JBL and RAAL 140-15D Ribbon 

Application :

High SPL Active  2 channel Music  and Home Theatre   System  3-2009

Hanks Eighteen Sound Horn System




JBL 2426 

RAAL 140-15D ribbon 

Bryston SST2

Speaker Information

Horn speaker
All types of Horn speaker  




New product release

Eighteen Sound is proud to launch the new 9000 series... " 21" LF woofer

18" LF woofer


Eighteen Sound @ Prolight+Sound 2009

Eighteen Sound will be present at the 2009 Prolight+Sound fair.....


 Russell's   Recommended 18 Sound Drivers       Hanks Eighteen Sound Horn System           

 for  quality   High SPL  Audio HT   Speaker Systems 

(21'')    21NLW9600    Extended LF Neodymium Driver

(18'')    18NLW9600    Extended LF Neodymium Driver

(15'')    15LW1401      Extended LF Ferrite Driver  Driver

(12'')    12MB1000       High Output MB Ferrite Driver

( 8' )     8NMB420        High Output MB Neodymium Driver

( 6'')     6NMB420        High Output MB Neodymium Driver         

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18 Sound is a new company boasting some of the "Elite"
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a young company the whole team have many years of
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Delivering radical designs, giving both high power & low
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