quality capacitors for audio applications

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     Russell Storey

OEM for the well known SOLEN brand and many other film audio capacitors, the French manufacturer SCR provides one firm and unquestionable thing : exceptional quality.

SCR's capacitors feature dielectric and conducting materials and their application range is wide :

crossover networks,

tubed equipment power supplies,

coupling in tube and transistor amplifiers


Other features :

capacitance range goes up to very high values, a fact that makes them unique in their kind.

nominal tolerance at 5% but they always range at approx. +/- 2.5%

nominal tolerance at 5% but they always range at approx. +/- 2.5%

PPE Series, distributed around the globe under several brand names and the label 'FAST CAPS'. This series provides a very low tolerance value of 5%.

TIN FOIL Series. Best known products of SCR, this series incorporates a pure metal foil as the conducting material instead of the usual metallized plastic film. Tolerance values as low as 1% and 3% ! What is really interesting about them is that they offer very low distortion artifacts, series resistance and high burst currents. Due to their construction they are relatively large-sized and quite heavy. Many designers employ these capacitors in coupling applications and as the main series capacitance of high pass filters driving tweeter drivers.

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SCR Metalized Poly: Capacitor  Metalized Poly Fast cap   400V dc


SCR Tin Foil :