WIMA  ( Cerafine)


Voltage rating 100  VDC   
 Russell Storey
Capacitance 4.7 uF
metallized polypropylene        Tolerance :5%

#Mundorf Supreme Silver Oil Capacitor
#Munforf Supreme Mcap Capacitor
#Munforf  MOX resistor

#Mresist Supreme resist

#Solen Inductors
#Solen(SCR) Capacitor Tin Foil
#Elna Cerafine Elecrolytics 





Wima metallized polypropylene and polypropylene film & foil capacitors.  Low dielectric absorption, "box" style capacitors with radial leads for easy pcb mounting.

The FKP2 and FKP3 film & foil capacitors are really great sounding caps.  So if you are doing any kind of PCB design, these are the capacitors to be using.  They are awesome for RIAA networks, active crossover filter circuits and other filter requirements. We will be adding new values as the year progresses.
Wima FKP-3 Polypropylene Film and Foil Capacitors,  5% tolerance

Stones have a limited number of WIMA 4.7uf Crossover Capacitors  to sell


CODE MKP4.7            4.7uF   160V        Xmas  Special 10pcs  AUD$30 +post