Components  and Audio Products 

Peerless Speakers Stones recommended peerless speakers with data specifications  on  Peerless  Car and Home theatre Subwoofer, Woofer, bass mid  ,midrange, tweeter ,new and old model cross reference . OEM drivers  used in Stones Sound Studio  HDS and  High resolution ribbon  signature series Speaker  Kits . The  HDS Peerless Exclusive series feature Nomex cone ,copper pole piece  flux ring , aerodynamic cast chassis , open aerodynamic cast alloy frame basket and alloy phase plug

Vifa Speakers  is now called  the Peerless Vline , the original Vifa range has been reduced by Tymphany

ScanSpeak  Speaker s high end revelator series drivers midrange and tweeter


  Fountek Ribbon Tweeters  as used in the  new Stones Ribbon Speaker Kits . These are killer pure ribbon tweeters at a reasonable price

Bybee's current product line supercedes previously released products. The Quantum Purifiers are primarily intended to be installed internally in any active device like AC power Analogue and digital  interconnect cables , speaker crossovers , speaker enclosure terminals, speaker drivers , speaker cable, amplifier out/ inputs, pre amplifier out/ inputs , Digital Home Theatre , RCA and Digital Coax inputs/ outputs.

""Before you throw a lot of money at your system, give the Purifiers an audition. Go ahead, give your audio system the Windex treatment. If there ever was a no-brainer recommendation, the Bybee Quantum Purifier is it. I can't imagine listening to my system without them. "

American High end  manufacturer of speakers  subwoofer bass mid  tweeter developed by Ex Scan Speak Engineers .Dynamic and detailed drivers with doped paper particle cones copper flux rings on pole pieces and  aerodynamic cast chassis vented pole pieces and 3" voice coils on the 10 12 15 " models. Stones recommended Driver

Serbian Manufacturer of The Rolls Royce of Ribbon tweeters in all aspects  build and sound quality impeccable , The RAAL 140-15D  are used by Stones  as a reference tweeter in High End System is hand built and is available in matched pairs   .
The RAAL ribbon  is an excellent contender against   Raven Ribbon to a placing in the  top shelf ranking of best Ribbon tweeter . Not cheap but neither is an Rolls Royce Jet  engine that keeps you in the sky. RAAL Ribbon tweeters  are a Reference ribbon in any speaker system regardless of price .

French Manufacturer of High SPL Studio and Stage Monitor Speakers with high power  handling and large dynamic range and excellent build quality . The PHL 1120  6.5'' is one of the most dynamic and detail paper cone  midrange . The PHL range has been developed around the  original PHL1120  and  PHL 1140 drivers . Great  Efficiency for  High end Valve , transistor  and digital amplifiers

Mundorf Because fine sound matters. Silver in Oil capacitors  MOX Non Inductive resistors 10W   Excellent  High end Capacitor and resistors components .Oil capacitors are one of the smoothest sounding capacitors there are. Special construction and materials provide for their superb performance and they certainly will bring your audio projects to the next level

Nakamichi MSS  Nakamichi Products  and  Service over 30years experience Nakamichi Car and Stereo CD DVD  Products 

  QED Audio & Video HDMI  excellent  Speaker  and Interconnect Cables at modest pricings . Stones  sells  the DIY   high end Silver Spiral interconnect cable  and XTube 400 speaker cable by the metre off the roll   

Chinese High End  Integrated Amplifiers CD SACD Audio equipment .Incredible metal work and build quality is first class add this to the excellent sound quality and you have a piece of high end equipment at a reasonable price 

Electro-Harmonix   Russian Manufacturer of Electro-Harmonix Valve & Tube  used in many up market amplifiers . High end audio valves with very low noise and great sound stage and dynamics. Sold in matched pairs

  ELNA High end Audio Electrolytic capacitors almost as good as black gates . Use for coupling and decoupling  in preamplifier amplifier DAC and CD DVD amplification

SCR Capacitors High end Audio  Metalized Poly  Tin  Foil capacitors used by  high  quality speaker manufactures , Use the Tin Foil in crossovers and amplifiers coupling stages  where absolute detail and minimum distortion are the aim .The most revealing capacitor I have used to date at any price .

WIMA Audio  Metalized  capacitors for Crossovers 

Monacor Electronic Components for Audio and speaker

Visaton  Visitation Manufacturers of the Ceramic dome Tweeter a very fast and detailed



Flying Mole  Digital Amps and home theatre distribution amplification , very dynamic and detailed digital amp
Eichmann Technologies high end Speaker RCA bullet plugs silver bullets and RCA chassis


  Australian leading  suppliers of quality Electronic Components   Audio and speaker components  speakers and equipment at reasonable prices  established over 20years