Sonic Impact Technologies portable tee amp  Model 5066

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                                                         by  Russell Storey

Log 21 Jan 2007                                                                              "  To be continued "

                                    "" Please note the SI Tee amp Model 5066 design is the property of Sonic Impact Technologies 

Sonic Impact introduces the first totally portable amp capable of generating 15W per channel output from a fully battery operated source that fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than one and a half pounds. Ideally suited for powering the SoundpaX speaker line by Sonic Impact.
The TA2024 is a 15 W /ch continuous average two - channel Class - T Digital Audio Power Amplifier IC using proprietary Digital Power Processing technology. Class - T amplifiers offer both the audio fidelity of Class - A B and the power efficiency of Class - D amplifiers.

  • Class-T architecture
  • Single Supply Operation
  • "Audiophile" Quality Sound
         0.04% THD+N @ 9W, 4.
         0.18% IHF-IM @ 1W, 4.
         11W @ 4., 0.1% THD+N
         6W @ 8., 0.1% THD+N
  • High Power
         15W @ 4., 10% THD+N
         10W @ 8., 10% THD+N
  • High Efficiency
         81% @ 15W, 4.      
         88% @ 10W, 8.
  • Dynamic Range = 102 dB
  • Turn-on & turn-off pop suppression
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-temperature protection

Battery Powered System
Input for optional AC Adapter 12 Volt/ 2 amp power supply
No heat sink required up to 15W per channel
Intelligent short circuit protection
Connects to any passive 4/8 Ohm speakers
Takes standard audio line input from any sound system

Fully integrated solution
Reduced system cost with no heat sink
Dramatically improves efficiency versus Class-AB
Signal fidelity equal to high quality linear amplifiers


The Sonic Impact Tee amp is based on Tripath Technology's Class-T amplifier 2024B

APPLICATION NOTE  : possible upgrades

MEASUREMENTS :   Graphs ,Frequency, Distortion ,Noise  ,Spectrum Analysis

PICTURE GALLERY: Sonic Impact Tee amp under the microscope


Sonic impact portable tee amp Model 5066  sound evaluation was carried out  in  a offset L shaped  lounge room using and DVD  Movie DVD music CD Music Digital and  Analogue TV   . The evaluation set up  comprised of  various speaker types  with  impedances from 4 to 8 ohms nominal .The amplifier was tested in both a Multi channel Home Theatre system and Analogue 2 channel ,speaker, equipment  & interconnect leads used in the evaluation are listed below .
SOUND EQUIPMENT:   (use in evaluate  of Tee amp )            Artisan R501 Focal reference 10" 3way
Artisan R1000 Mono blocks ,with DACT passive pre amp
Sherwood R965-R digital receiver  with Crystal  D/A-A/D 192k/24bit  CD remastering up converter
Pioneer S-965 DVD player
Philips HD TV component i/p ,
IRC Digital Satellite receiver
Marantz CD11Mk2 CD player
Luxman 350 Vacuum Turntable with Dynavector R505 Arm +DV17carat Moving coil cartridge & pre amp
QED  25th Silver Anniversary ,QED  XTUBE 400,350,300 speaker cable with Eichmann bayonet plugs, Daiichi OFC384 quad cable with 4mm gold banana plugs, Nordost RED Dawn Speaker cable, Axion 8 Speaker cable.
Artisan R501 Focal reference 10" 3way , R455 Floor standing, R200 Computer Min 4" Book shelf, R260 &  620 Ribbon  High definition series  ,R150 ,R250 MTM ,R300M4k 6.5"phz  Bookshelf Speaker

SYSTEM 1 : Set up
Multi channel Home Theatre.
The aim is to is to replace the Left & right front  internal power amplifiers of the Sherwood R965 Home theatre Receiver and use the Stereo Tee Amp in  their place with the  addition of an R1000_R  12" subwoofer that can be turned  (on/off ) to as need be  .
What we have now is the Sherwood receiver working as a preamplifier with a remote volume control that can decode and supply Home theatre Dolby Digital  effects , DVD ,DTS ,Mpeg,PCM Cd music  Fm ,Satellite TV,Cable TV ,I pod ,Games  or any  stereo signal fed to the Tee amp. This enables the  Tee Amp  to reproduce every type signal  coming from the Sherwood receiver and show just how good or bad this amp is with different signal sources.

Use Sherwood R965 Receiver pre amp outputs  L&R  (front) to drive Sonic Impact Tee amp  Left and Right stereo 3.5mm  input  socket via a Stereo RCA 3.5mm  adapter for L&R front Speaker.

Set Volume Control On the Tee amp to "Maximum "( fully Clockwise) and use the Volume on the  Sherwood Receiver to control & set the  pre levels with Sherwood ( Channel pre set Level) so the volume of the L&R fronts match the Centre .Set the Sherwood subwoofer level to match the L&R front speakers using a Music CD you are familiar with .

Connect the L&R front speakers connected to the Tee amp  via a Speaker Terminal Cup  4mm x4 Gold Terminals with say 300mm  lengths of twin  QED OFC 42 cable that can fit into the  Speaker spring terminals on the back of the Tee amp and provide  banana terminals for any  speaker cables

SYSTEM 2 : Set up
Analogue 2 channel
The aim  is to is to replace the Left & right front  power amplifiers of  a  High end  stereo  system and use the Stereo Tee Amp in  their place with the addition of an 12" R1000_R audiophile subwoofer that can be turned ( on/off ) to judge its effect on the  over all sound

Set Volume Control On the Tee amp to "Maximum "( fully Clockwise) and use the Volume on the  integrated amp , pre amp or passive volume control  to control & set the stereo speaker level.

SUBWOOFER : ( yes please )
The only area which lacks current drive with the Tee Amp  is the lower bass and as such  I recommend a quality  8 " 10" 12 " active subwoofer as a "must"  for  medium to large rooms .  Near field monitoring with small speaker systems in ,small rooms , home studios ,computer gaming systems, I would still recommend a 6'' to 8" Powered subwoofer to fill in the lower octaves of bass

I recommend speakers with higher averages than standard  >85,86,87 db sensitivity's.  The speaker sensitivity should be  > 90(dbSPL) + to enable  the Sonic Impact  5066 Tee Amp to provide adequate system listening levels.
Speakers below < 90db SPL will not generate enough  undistorted ( dynamic) volume level  with this amplifier and tend to go into clipping prematurely when you drive the speakers  harder in an attempt to match  listening levels to your room & system .

I  recommend  speakers with a nominal impedance of 4 to 8 ohms . 4 ohm speakers that dip below 3.2ohms will cause premature clipping and thus introduce distortion


I recommend a quality DC power supply capable of 3A to 5 A DC Min at 12V ( avoid power packs with built in auto current limiting ).
For the evaluation  I used a 30 Amp  0-30V DC Variable power supply so I could adjust the V+ supply voltage to the Tee amp to examine  both low and high voltage  range cut out points and also to enable assessment of the variation in sound quality with variations in  V+  voltages  verses speaker types and load impedances from 3.2ohm to 8ohm .

Designers Note : From experiment I found that 13V DC ( no more no Less) measured at the Tee amp DC input socket  enabled  the best sound quality on all types of  high end music or DVD movies  with 4 or 8 ohm speakers attached . The lower cut out voltage was measured  8.5V .This  system should not  be run above 13.5V DC or the amp will fail or will go into auto shut down mode . Beware some  unregulated power packs  are  > 13.5V  and will cause the Tee amp to shut down  or not work.


Various combinations of   pre Amp with DVD Cs  were used to  play  back  through the Tee amp over a period of weeks .The sonic results in every case were outstanding dynamics and detail  so given the  Tee amp  price , size and sound quality I feel its a mean feat of achievement for Sonic Impact Technologies 5066 tee amp .

This little amp has so many uses and applications  the mind boggles the sound quality is Excellent and high end in every aspect with fast dynamic lower  bass  deep midrange and extended  top end detail to die for , "and all from a  teeny weenie little  Digital IC amplifier  in a plastic box , Sonic impact have applied the  Tripath TA2025B IC to perfection and things can only get better with the  upgrades & Mods  . Rock , Jazz ,Hip Hop , Rap , pop, classical all take on a new dimension  along with  DVD movie effects and  also the music background .
The only area of the Sonic Impact Technologies  amplifier that requires assistance is the bottom end bass which can be a non event for bass lovers on most program material . I recommend a high quality active  subwoofer  unit  with good filters as mandatory and if   judiciously adjusted  to suit the room acoustics and speakers will, leave you  with no  need for the power  amplifier it  replaced .

Russell's Tee amp  in the nutshell
"Do not go to jail do not got to a Mayfair  marble arch or Mars  , go out and buy a tee amp for peanuts  ,then experiment  with  the input and output connection leads and power supply  and you will get the same shock and the aural pleasure  I received , Where is its all coming from  I said and wow ! what can I do with this amp when  its great already!"" its a  fun low cost project  enjoy yourself " "

Designers Note : The quality of the power supply , interconnect leads ,speaker leads ,speaker terminals, preamp and dc power supply will determine the resultant sound quality that the Tee amp will deliver . The better the quality of the components  the  more  dynamic & detailed the sound will be. Long term evaluation listening was done using a pair of   5"MTM ribbon speakers 4ohm (3.2dcmin) with a true  92.5 dbSPL Sensitivity with  and with out a subwoofer for DVD movies and music . 
Stones Upgrades Tweaks Mods V1
: Tee amp  See pictures below  and more info to come
Stones Upgrades Tweaks Mods V2  : Tee amp  BI  AMP   2 way ribbon   Speaker  to be continued......

L&R front speakers connected to the Tee amp  via a Speaker Terminal Cup  4mm x4 Gold Terminal

Sound Evaluation Speaker lead from  Tee amp terminal cup to  Ribbon speakers used for evaluation , Daiichi OFC 384 Quad flat profile copper braid (Pic above), QED XTUBE 300, 350 , 400 , with Eichmann bayonet plugs  ,QED 25 Silver anniversary , Orca Axion 6 , Nordost Red Dawn ref

Tee amp rear showing Speaker ,L&R RCA  interconnect  leads via 3.5mm  gold RCA adaptor from Sherwood L&R front preamp out .
Eichmann Silver bullet plugs fitted to QED Silver spiral cable 

Sherwood Hometheatre  system with Sonic Impact 5066 Tee amp in centre of on floor with 30Amp power unit , Stones Ribbon Speakers Kit, R1000 remote subwoofer Kit, 12" subwoofer

Sonic Impact 5066  Tee amp on the  Stones Sound Studio Operation table

Tee amp disassembled for access

Board held to chassis by plastic posts Tripath TA2025A  Digital Class T amp under neath  large solder pads

Change  25K Log A input volume control  to external  Alps ,  Bourne , or  DACT 
Or remove  25K Log A input volume control   from cct and use direct input to board from a pre amp
Add miniature DC power switch to replace on/off switch on original volume control

Speaker Terminals: Change cap across speaker terminals to  0.15uf/ 400V dc SCR

Inputs L&R : Add external WBT , Boochino Audio , or any HQ  Female RCA Chassis socket

Ferrite Beads fitted to filter RF hash and spurious from o/p speaker leads

Change Speaker cable to OFC 384 or QED Xtube Silver Anniversary

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"Sonic Impact T-Amp - Integrated Amplifier - True Giant-Killer" Shortly after this review was published, the Sonic Impact T-Amp was sold out world-wide.   Read the review at


The Sonic Impact Tee amp is based on Tripath Technology's Class-T amplifier 2024B, see data sheet

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