INSTALLATION:   STONES_S200W V2  Subwoofer amplifier     2011  Update

The subwoofer is an integral part of the sound effects in a home theatre speaker system making the room position of the cabinet and control settings on the subwoofer amplifier critical if you are going to achieve the optimum performance.

INITIAL CONTROL SETTINGSL best all round settings

      Set the level(volume)control to 11 oclock

      Set the Frequency control to 9 oclock

      Set the Phase switch to NORMAL

      Set the VIDEO /AUDIO switch to VIDEO

      Power  (ON AUTO-OFF) switch to ON

      Connect the power lead to a common power outlet for the Home theatre system components



      Connect the left and right low-level RCA inputs with an RCA Y connection lead from the Home theatre amplifier subwoofer out.

      Note the two RCA  Left and right inputs of the subwoofer amplifier are effectively  bridged together by this lead and are fed from a mono output from the Home theatre amplifier thus giving  a 6db boost to the sub amp output level

      Option 2 : You can also connect the subwoofer using a stereo lead from the HT amplifier Pre Amp L& R out to achieve a better quality bass for CD & DVD music playback



      Can be  use for high quality DVD music or CD bass to improve dynamic  transient response and clarity , the bass will be  lot tighter then using the home theatre subwoofer out RCA socket which by passes the  Low pass filter in the Receiver

      Connect a std speaker cable from the Left and Right speaker terminals of the FRONT  Left and Right speakers to the HIGH LEVEL INPUT FROM AMPLIFIER speaker input terminals on the
subwoofer amplifier

      Make sure that the connections are + to + and to -  or you will have the HT amp go up in smoke

      Alternatively you can run the speaker leads direct from the Home theatre amplifier FRONT L&R speaker terminals



      Use a DVD movie with a  built in  THX Audio test ( white noise )  like Pearl Harbor ,Pirates Of the Caribbean OR Star Wars for setting up the speaker levels. This is better than using the test tones in the Receiver because it is testing the level of the complete sound system from the DVD player through the amplifier to the speakers including the sub woofer amp.

      Your best and cheapest level meter is your ears

      Make sure you are seated in your lounge chair in your  normal listening position at the centre of the front speakers to do these level tests

      Set the level of the front left right and centre speaker using the THX test tone and your home theater speaker level pre set controls so that the Left Right and Centre speakers are the same level.

      Set the Master volume to about 1/3 volume

      Setting  the pre set levels  to 1/2way of their full range is a good staring point

      Make sure you have the Receiver set to Dolby Digital Decode 5.1 Not DTS

      Set the Frequency control to 9 oclock

      Play the DVD THX Audio test tone and set the all 3 front speakers to the same level

      Now turn on the sub woofer and set the LEVEL of the Subwoofer to match the level of the 3 front speakers using the level control on the subwoofer

      Note anything past 1oclock on the subwoofer LEVEL control  could damage the bass driver and cause excessive cone travel  this is a safety point with all program material usually between 9 to 11.30oclock is sufficient for most rooms and material .Most movies and sound tracks levels are all over the place so one movie is low in bass and the other is too much Unfortunately not all  the recording studios are standard in their recording levels and the  same applies to Music  










      If you are using DTS then on some home theatre receivers they have and extra setting for  setting for +10db the difference between Dolby digital and DTS subwoofer levels set this to +10db for DTS

      For CD or DVD music set the Video/Audio switch to the Audio position for improved bass transients


      RESET  Video/Audio switch to VIDEO position for DVD Movies  to prevent excessive cone excursion


      remove all home theatre speaker grills when setting up speakers,
      leave off for any serious listening always!!


       With an optimum  2.7 m L&R front speaker spacing  speaker sit approximately 3.5 to 3.7mtrs from a  centre line      drawn between the front baffles of   the L&R speakers   see   SPEAKER   ROOM LOCATION    Fig 1




In small to medium sized  square or rectangular shaped rooms the subwoofer is best placed 0.35 to 0.7metres out from the wall behind the sub woofer .Corner location is best avoided if possible The phase switch on the subwoofer amplifier will effect the bass sound and level .You will need to play some music with high quality tight punchy bass  whilst listening to the left  main front speaker adjust the subwoofer switch the phase control back and forth between + and 180 degs until you get tight deep bass that will appear to be synchronized with the bass coming from the front speakers .It is a good idea to have the Centre speaker and all surrounds turned off whilst you are setting the subwoofer phase. If the Frequency control is set too high > 1oclock the bass and music will sound honky or hollow. Setting up the subwoofer location Level frequency and phase controls may take a week or two to fine tune The Sub woofer can be the hardest speaker to get just right but experiment with the speaker position and sub amplifier settings will reward you with fast tight clean bass.  Small







































                                                                        SPEAKER   ROOM LOCATION    Fig 1







                              STONES SOUND STUDIO




                STONES     S200W V2  Subwoofer amplifier initial settings