Model  DVD R250 



 Audio Art  Series Speakers 

Artisan DVD r 250 audiophile high definition speaker is designed to reproduce both music and home theatre.

Featuring with Music

Crystal clear highs pinpoint imaging articulate tight fast bass and a wide sound stage low distortion which gives long term listing fatigue free.

Near field monitoring for computers music and DVD evaluation is possible as the r250 uses Shielded speakers 

Home Theatre 

This exceptional speaker is also designed to work in both vertical and horizontal axis due to the unique tweeter flare system .The Artisan DVD r 250  can be used s in DTS or  Dolby digital Systems in  any of the 5 positions (front /rear/centre) effects.

Can be used in conjunction with the Artisan R500 or R1000 subwoofers to complete the vision and sound  experience. 


Drivers# Manufactured to SSS specifications 2x5" poly carbon composite cone with rubber surround  wide range .

Tweeter treated soft frabric wide dispersion  dome  27mm (1")

Double laminated 38mm low resonance front baffle

Xover 12db/oct  @ 2.78khz.  phase coherent audiophile grade SCR capacitors, non inductive resistors low loss inductors 

Internal wiring pure  copper OFC star configuration low loss HF cable

Frequency range  40hz to 26khz  sensitivity 92.5db slp at 1khz/1m 

Recommended spacing between speakers #  1.8 to 2.7m

Recommended Amplifier 10 to 100 watts rms program material

Recommended  height # 600mm with speaker stands can also be mounted on top or under a TV in Home theatre as centre speaker  DVD  r250c.

Can be  used as  high definition near field monitor in studio  applications .


The Acoustic Benefits of Phase Alignment

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