Boochino Audiophile 2002 Connectors 


  These Hand crafted RCA's from Bocchino Audio designed Exclusively by Carmine Boochino are exceptional in their performance. By replacing any RCA on any type of lead you will get an improvement in not only resolution of detail but a drop in the  background noise level resulting in greater dynamic range . The brittleness associated with brass bronze or gunmetal RCA'S disappears completely  with radical improvements in sound stage low and high level resolution  super bass which is tight and deep  mids and articulate  crisp clear treble resulting in  fatigue free  listening of any kind of program material  .   


  • All solderable BrendaTM's are fabricated from  Solid billet High Conductivity Oxygen Free Copper ( HCOFC); Pure Copper > 99.94%Cu!

  • All Solderable BrendaTM's use Teflon as the  insulator between the polarities.

  • All Solderable BrendaTM's are electroplated with 15.0+ microns of pure Silver and then

  • 1.0+ micron of Hard Gold Plate ( 23.5 Karat ).

  • All Solderable BrendaTM's' signal pins' are electroplated with a total of 3.0+ microns of Hard Gold Plate ( 23.5 Karat ).

  • Nominal impedance is 22.5 Ohms and signal pin resistance from where the cable is soldered to the appliance socket interface is less than 200 nano-ohms! 

    OZ  References 

Sue Pechey    from Listening Ridge Station near Crows Nest, in outback Queensland:
"You don't have to be a bat to tell the difference"!
"An improvement in clarity across the whole audio range" 
Sue has a set of Brenda B7's with Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper balanced cable optimized for single ended use

Russell Storey  from Stones Sound Studio  said the difference is in real distortion less dynamic music you now  just want to keep listening too "you don't have to have million dollar ears to feel and hear the difference is excellent ".I  highly  recommend the BrendaTM RCA as an incredible upgrade to any  audio /video system  regardless of price. 

  Connector Dimensions 

  Model Length (mm)Diameter  (mm)  Max Cable  Diameter  (mm)  Spacing  (mm)   Mass (gms)







  B9  79  15.3  13  16  80


    SSS  Services  Available

Stones Sound Studio recommends and uses Solderable BrendaTM RCA's. 

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