crossover Variable Crossover A divider separates the audio signal into two or more frequency bands to feed different amplifiers or speakers.
optical out Optical Out Optical output allows the digital signal to be transmitted between components via fibre optic cable, maintaining absolute signal purity..
dvd DVD
DVD Audio / Video
These new multi-channel formats (5.1 and 6.1) deliver greater realism, audio fidelity (up to 24-bit/192kHz and clarity, with each instrument or vocal in its own separate sonic space.
wma WMA
Windows Media Audio
Devices with this feature lets you play back CDs you've burned with Windows Media Audio tracks. This popular compressed format let you keep an enormous amount of music on a single CD. Models with MediaXpander let you enhance and restore the sound for full quality.
dts DTS
DTS Format
The DTS (Digital Theater Systems) format delivers 5.1 channels of high-quality digital surround sound, for audio tracks that more closely match the original master recording than other digitally encoded content.
dolby Dolby Digital Dolby Digital delivers high-quality 5.1 multi-channel audio for surround sound content in movies and videos.
mp3 MP3
MP3 Playback
The MP3 Compatible head units let you play CDs that you've burned with MP3 tracks. You can get 12 hours of music on a single disc. Models with MediaXpander™ enhance the MPEG compression for the full digital quality you expect.
dts DTS-ES / DTS-Neo:6 DTS-ES is a high-quality digital audio format capable of delivering 6.1 channels of discrete audio and is also fully backwards-compatible with non-Extended Surround decoders, while Neo:6 provides up to six channels of matrix decoding from stereo matrix material.
dolby Dolby EX Dolby EX takes Dolby Digital one step further with 6.1-channel sound, adding greater dimensional detail to the mobile theatre experience.
road_eq Road EQ An advanced, high-speed digital EQ system that records the sound of road/engine/fan noise and automatically generates sound of a completely opposite phase to cancel the noise_in real time! It also features fully automatic real-time EQ adjustment for optimum sound in any vehicle.
touch Touch Control Ready This display feature lets you select menus and control parameters for your system by simply touching the monitor screen of the IVA-D300E or TME-M770.
mh MobileHub for Nokia Handsets This powerful feature lets you link a Nokia handset to a compatible Alpine head unit — providing head unit control and a wealth of interactive phone functions (such as hands-free answering/dialing, call from address book and SMS messaging), plus convenient integration with the navigation Points-of-Interest database.
pulse PulseTouch Display Uses different vibrations and pressures to effectively simulate real button and slider control on the Touch Control panel. Exceptionally easy-to-use and intuitive, the intelligent layout also ensures consistent operation throughout different menus.
i-p i-Personalize Alpine’s new category of customisation features, i-Personalize gives you up to four major ways to customise your system: Mulitcolor Illumination, Bass Engine control, Amplifier Link, and Data Download.
amplink Amplifier Link Allows direct, custom control over V12 AccuClass-D amplifiersletting you set 11 sound processing parameters (including Time Correction and Parametric EQ) and monitor amp conditions directly from the head unit.
dd Data Download The perfect solution to customising the sound of your head unit, Data Download taps into the power and convenience of the Internet. It lets you finetune your system settings onlineincluding Time Correction, Crossover, and Parametric EQthen burn them to a CD-R and easily download them to the head unit in your car.
MX MediaXpander Another great new quality-boosting Alpine technology. Included on a variety of head units, it gives you selectable expansion modes for MP3, CD, DVD, and FM that restore quality lost in recording/transmission.
be Bass Engine® Functions that provide enhanced bass and greater bass management.
be-plus Bass Engine® Plus A combination of functions that enhance bass and offer extremely fine control over bass and total tonal response.
be-pro Bass Engine® Pro Advanced technologies and functions that provide the equivalent of a highly sophisticated digital signal processor right in the head unit.
qs Quick Search This function lets you quickly and easily find the songs you wantespecially on MP3/WMA discs and the new HDA-5460. Convenient tools include search by keyword, artist, album, song, folder, or playlist.
vl Versatile-Link Allows audio or video components to be connected directly to the head unit.
mci MultiColor Illumination This feature allows you to exactly match the illumination of the Alpine head unit with that of your vehicle’s panel_quickly and easily, with an adjustment range of 512 colours.
rds Swing Design The front panel swings down for access to the loading slot and can be set at any desired position.
rds Dual Illumination Allows you to switch the button (and display) illumination between green (blue) and amber at the touch of a button.
m-dac M-DAC Alpine sets the standard for D/A converters with higher S/N ratio and wider dynamic range (both 105dB).
4v 4-Volt Preout An exclusive Alpine DC-DC converter doubles PreOut voltage from two to four volts. This boost in voltage ensures that the music signal will not distort at high volume levels.
v-drv V-Drive Amp
60W x 4 Hybrid Amplifier
Alpine gives you massive power from a head unit with the V-Drive amp. Using a hybrid design (DCDC like a regular amp plus BTL), it boosts voltage to 17.2 volts for conversion into a powerful 60W x 4 output.
cl-d Class-D Circuitry Alpine's advanced application of Class-D technology keeps the signal in the digital realm until just prior to output, and markedly improves detail in the high frequencies, thanks to enhanced time management (pulse) accuracy.
para-eq Parametric Equaliser A divider separates the audio signal into two or more frequency bands to feed different amplifiers or speakers.
b-eq Bass EQ Provides a boost at 40Hz to increase the impact of sound from the subwoofer.
sub-f Subsonic-Filter Can be used to cut sub-bass range signals caused by voltage fluctuations for better bass reproduction.
sp-i Speaker Level Input Allows amp to be connected directly to a pre-installed head unit that does not have preamp outputs.
mfet MOSFET Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors have higher switching speeds than ordinary FETs, for faster response, better linearity.
rds RDS
Radio Data System
The Radio Data system receives additional information from FM-Radio Stations such as Alternative Frequencies and Station names..