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 DIY CUSTOM  Speakers                                 GALLERY 1                                                                   

                                               Artisan Speakers & HDS Speaker-Kits series
                                                     ''Speaker Design Gallery Collection''
                                                                    designed by
                                                                   Russell Storey 




Below is a collection of some of the custom speakers and prototypes  developed over the years for customers which has included Domestic  ,Diy, PA House systems ,Pro Commercial  TV Company's ,clubs , restaurants , pubs etc  .
The  speaker designs cover  Multi High end Channel Home theatre Systems large and small ,High end Stereo, TV broad cast off air sound quality  &  video edit monitors, Computer monitors, Music production Studio monitors.

DIY speaker package includes  ( cad box plans ,crossover schematics, crossover layout,   "tip of the trade " assembly wiring & acoustic  damping instructions , recommended high end  components & materials)

For information on DIY speaker package  pricings please inquire  CONTACT : STONES

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  XLS800 Subwoofer

Artisan R455 Exclusive  6.5" floor standing speaker  (Peerless & san speak)
Stand mounted  R255  Peerless High definition

Artisan R1000 R100R Speaker-Kits

Studio Stage Bass Guitar  Speaker                   designed by   Russell Storey

Artisan R5000  12''X4 Terminator Subwoofer (unpainted )   remote controlled with R450 Floor standing speaker with Australian Cedar wood trim panels

  Artisan R501 reference monitor speaker 10" 3way

R455 Exc Floorstanding with R255 Centre and R1000R remote 12'' sUBWOOFER

Artisan R300 Mk4  6.5" High definition Bookshelf

Artisan R200 4.5'' Monitor  high dynamic for  small rooms and  Computer Audio and Studios

Stones  R400 ODP Omni speaker  high end Kit  designed ''exclusively""  for Decibel Hi Fi   Brisbane




HDS 150 Bookshelf system with HDS255 centre and XLS800 Subwoofer

Scan Speak 6.5" Bookshelf


  Tasmanian Blackwood

Western Australian Jarrah

Artisan  R250  255 C            R1000R Subwoofer

Artisan  R455-V2       R355 ne 275            R1000R Subwoofer


Artisan R1000S

Artisan                             R150  V2                R255V2                                                  R360


Artisan R150 V2                      R1000 subwoofer           R260C


Artisan                      R150V2               R360S        R255C V2         R1000 Subwoofer

Artisan  R501  series           with    Martin Logans