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  Peerless Data Sheet

Type: HDS NOMEX      134 WR 26 90 NWP AL 8 OHM   -   order Code  : 832873  

Electrical data      
Nominal impedance Zn 8  (ohm)
Minimum imp./at freq. Zmin 6.5/387  (ohm/Hz)
Maximum impedance Zo 37.3  (ohm)
Dc resistance Re 6  (ohm)
Voice coil inductance Le 0.8  (mH)
TS Parameters      
Resonance Frequency fs 58.6  (Hz)
Mechanical Q factor Qms 2.39  
Electrical Q factor Qes 0.46  
Total Q factor Qts 0.38  
Force factor Bl 6.6  (Tm)
Mechanical resistance Rms 1.4  (Kg/s)
Moving mass Mms 9.1  (g)
Suspens. compliance Cms 0.81  (mm/N)
Effective cone diam. D 10.6  (cm)
Effective piston area Sd 88  (cm²)
Equivalent volume Vas 8.7  (ltrs)
SPL 2.83V/1m at fmin   88.3  (dB)
Voice coil and magnet parameters  
Voice coil diameter 26.0  (mm)
Voice coil length 13.0  (mm)
Voice coil layers 2  
Height of the gap 6.0  (mm)
Linear excursion +/- 3.5  (mm)
Max mech. excursion +/- -  (mm)
Total useful flux 0.7  (mWb)
Diameter of magnet 90  (mm)
Height of magnet 15  (mm)
Weight of magnet 0.4  (kg)
Ratio fs/Qts 152  
Ratio BL/sqrt(Re) 2.7  
Special remarks    

Power handling  
100h RMS noise test (IEC) -  (W)
Longterm Max System Power (IEC) -  (W)
IEC268-5 noise signal is used for the powertest.
Remarks on powertest    

Measuring methods and conditions are stated in Peerless Standard for Acoustic Measurements (PSAM)