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Altitude 3500 - SS Version* Amplifier

The Altitude 3500 is an Integrated Valve Amplifier featuring a blend of quality components and modern design techniques applied to valve technology to achieve high definition and wide bandwidth with low noise and low distortion for faithfully amplifying analogue sound from today's' demanding digital & analogue mediums.

*The A3500-SS is an exclusive and advanced ( super dynamic)  version specifically  upgraded and   improved  by  designer Russell Storey    Stones Sound Studio


Fountek Altitude A3500SS valve amplifier


  A blend of quality components and modern design
  Beautifully finished in 7mm brushed aluminium
  Four stereo analogue inputs
  Gold plated connectors and selectors
  The A3500-SS is an exclusive and advanced version developed specifically for the Australian distributor by Stones Sound Studio
  Extended bandwidth of 10Hz to 90KHz
  Carefully chosen design layout and wiring location
  Direct input coupling improves transient response
  Specialised Wide-Bandwidth audio output transformers
  Class A/B Pentode Output using EL34 Valves
  All Valves are Genuine Russian Made Electro-Harmonix
  Matched pairs, factory bias adjusted
  Stainless steel heat shields improve over-all efficiency
  High quality capacitors
  Beautiful in looks, design and listening


The circuit design and layout has been chosen carefully by expert audio engineers with many years of development and refinement experience in audio excellence. This achieves the highest quality of musical reproduction with maximum dynamic range and minimum distortion for accurate and emotional delivery of the sound stage.

Direct coupling techniques have been used on the Electro-Harmonix Double-Triode input stages to improve signal transient response.

Extra wide bandwidth audio output transformers couple the Electro-Harmonix EL34 Class A/B pentode output valves to the speakers.

Output valves are all bias matched.

Each EL34 valve has been tested, matched in pairs, then custom installed into the A3500-SS. Internal bias adjustments have been factory made specifically to suit. The A3500-SS valves are then removed and individually packaged for transportation. Therefore each EL34 Valve is labelled with the appropriate socket number to aid installation.

Hand selected high quality electrolytic and non-electrolytic capacitors are used in both the power supply and in critical signal areas to improve the midrange definition and top end transients with the added benefit of long-term reliability and tolerances.

Extra attention to internal wiring positioning, use of OFC cabling, gold-plated relay selectors, among other details, all combine to enrich the listening experience.

The A3500-SS is beautifully finished in 7mm thick premium quality brushed aluminium.

The stainless steel panels between the mains power transformer and output valves reduce the transformers' running temperature and shield the output valves improving over all amplifier efficiency.

Gold plating is used where possible for long-term reliable connections. This includes all valve sockets, audio connections and audio switch contacts. We recommend the use of high quality interconnects and speaker cables to enable the A3500-SS to reproduce uncompromised sound quality from your audio equipment and speakers.

The excellent blend of components and circuit design topologies used in this amplifier offer long-term reliability and also enable very tight fast clean low bass performance normally not found in valve amplifiers with a warmth rarely achieved by solid state.

Enjoy a new dimension in sound.


CHANNELS: 2 channel
INPUTS (x4): CD / TUNER / AUX1 / AUX2 (1,2,3,4)
OUTPUT POWER 8ohm 35 Wrms @ 1 KHz 8ohm
(per channel) (32.50Wrms 0.63% THD)
OUTPUT POWER 4ohm 30 Wrms @ 1 KHz 4ohm
Power (per channel) (31.13Wrms 0.63% THD)
OUTPUT CLASS: AB (push pull)
OUTPUT: 4 or 8 ohm speaker load [ 0-4-8 ohms ]
T.H.D. 0.63% @ 1KHz (245Vac)
  <10 Hz to >90 kHz -3dB
SLEW RATE: 1.36V/Ás (1KHz Sq. wave)
DYNAMIC RANGE: 82dB/A ("A" Weighted)
NOISE: -76.2dB at full power
VALVES: 2 x 12AT7 Twin triode direct coupled input
Electro-Harmonix 12AT7-EH
  2 x 12AU7 Twin triode phase splitter
Electro-Harmonix 12AU7-EH
  4 x EL34 Pentode output
Electro-Harmonix EL34-EH
  EL34 Output Valves are matched pairs
FUSE: 240V 3.15A [Fast 2AG]
CHASSIS: Silver in Colour, 7mm thick Brushed Aluminium
DIMENSIONS: 350mm(W) X 190mm(H) X 320mm(D)
  350x75mm Face Plate


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350mm(W) X 190mm(H) X 320mm(D)

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  Instruction Manual [pdf]
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