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HOT Tips    by Russell Storey  2004 


The DENON DVD-A player is the best sounding DVD player I have reviewed to date .     

 The Hi-Fi and digital technology that DENON has nurtured over its long years of experience has been tweaked to bring out the vast potential of DVD-Audio  format.

 Audio Only Mode
The DVD-1600 includes an Audio Only mode when playing DVD-Audio sources to turn off the video circuit and ensure that noise does not affect the purity of the audio signal. The use of thoroughly tested parts ensures that the high sound quality is consistent and reliable.

192 kHz, 24-bit High Resolution Audio D/A Converters
DVD-Audio is capable of reproducing a stunning dynamic range of 144 dB (a theoretical value) over the vast sonic spectrum from around 2 Hz to nearly 100 kHz. To faithfully reproduce all of the incredible detail that DVD-Audio has to offer, the DVD-1600 features 24-bit digital-to-analog conversion, with the ability to handle up to 192 kHz sampling frequency. This provides incredible dynamic range (theoretically nearly 50 dB more than CD) along with extended high frequency response (to nearly 100 kHz, compared to CDs 20 kHz high frequency limit).

Headphone Virtual Surround FeatureThis feature lets you enjoy the surround effects of multi-channel Dolby Digital through your stereo headphones. When it's late at night or you have neighbours who want peace and quiet, you can keep yourself "surrounded" till it's okay to use your speakers again.

Highest resolution 54 MHz,10-bit, Video D/A Conversion System
The DVD-1600 employs a 54 MHz, 10-bit video D/A converter.CD-R/RW (audio) Playback Discs that have been poorly finalized following recording may be only partially playable or not playable at all. 96/24 PCM Digital Output Capability. Built-in Dolby Digital and DTS Decoders. PCM, Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Output. On-screen Display.
High-class Aluminum Front Panel
The DVD-1600's front panel is made of aluminum to impart an air of elegance to the unit. This attractive design blends in well with the interior of most listening room

Russells  "Hot tips for the best sound  from the DVD-1600 "

The Denon 1600 DVD-A player has  Excellent sound and Picture quality  unmodified straight out of the box . The Analogue audio output left and front output is best used for CD playback this is dynamic clean and detailed .Bass is fast tight and controlled mids clear even old CDs sound better through the Burr Brown D/A converter 192Khz/24 Bit special low noise edition used in this unit  . On DVD movies or DVD music the 6 channel  Analog out is recommended for this will sound better than going through the Home theatre Receiver  D/A converters  via Coax or Optical inputs . Use a good set of audio leads between the Denon DVD1600 and the 5 Direct line inputs  on your Home theatre Receiver  (eg Audio Quest or  QED) .I suggest you spend the most money you can afford on the front 3 leads  (L/R/C)  and the rears upgrade when you have more cash .This also applies to speaker leads also .

Note Direct Line Inputs  to Your Dolby Digital Receiver will give you much better sound Quality because you are By passing All The internal circuits and Direct feeding the analogue signal to the inputs of the 5 power Amplifiers in your Home theatre Receiver  .see also wes components range of hi quality leads and speaker cable 

Russell Storey 

Stones Sound Studio  Australia