NEWS ROOM Monday, 16 July 2012

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STONES SOUND STUDIO  ARTISAN speakers audio art series 
New Products Designs And Developments 

10-2009 Stones Sound Studio ,Solar System ,  48V Voltaic array  installed with  back into  grid  240V inverter   ,, used also for powerback       during power black outs ,

 8-2009  Artisan R882 Floor standing speaker ,  Ultimate   Super High Definition speaker  featuring Raal 140-15D  Ribbon,                                     Acousticslly phase aligned  r


Artisan R1000  100 watt power amplifier 
Artisan R1000  50 watt power amplifier 

Speaker Kits upgraded all models

Home theatre  Kits Front Centre  rears side

Subwoofer  Speaker Kits upgraded all models

New Speaker kits  Peerless ,Vifa Scan speak Fontek

CD up sampling

DVD upgrading

8 Channel Home theatre Speaker Developments

Speaker Upgrading existing cabinets and crossovers

NEW Peerless Tweeter 810653
Designed and Developed  by  Russell Storey 
(Stones Sound Studio)Australia  in conjunction with Peerless Denmark and WES Components Pty

High Definition series 
NEW  105mm Tweeter  High definition  treated fabric soft dome with double High Bl magnet pure felt cavity damper high power 130w Cast Alloy face exposed dome very  low viscosity ferro-fluid excellent micro detail and dynamic range
A true Audiophile tweeter  Developed  by Russell Storey Manufactured to Stones Sound Studio Specifications High .This excellent tweeter is recommended  for High end audio and High end Home Theatre - Shielded 

Audiophile Home theatre and Music Speaker twin 5"bass mids with treated fabric soft dome tweeter. 
ARTISAN  UTOPIA R350se with its  excellent low level detail wide dynamic range low distortion
Fast tight articulate bass smooth crystal clear midrange and top end .Sand or lead fill in cabinet base with tripple 
acoustic lined Lead panels . Hand crafted solid Australiam Red Cedar top and Base Plinth. 
Power rating 150Watts Freq  range 42 to 26Khz  at 92 dbSPL @1m  4ohm nominal Impedance 1100mm H 180W

Artisan R350se  Floor Standing  5"