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 HDS 810653
 5/8 ohm     -    Order ID: 810653

High-end dome tweeter with exposed treated fabric dome designed to give maximum dispersion  clean very  detailed  dynamic  sound combined excellent off axis response . It has an 3mm thick Aluminum  non resonant face plate  which gives maximum stiffness. The 810653  tweeter has a very smooth and clean sound  on all types of music and home theatre  I recommend  the  HDS 810653 tweeter for use in any  high end  speaker enclosure with a 12db/oct crossover filter at  a frequency of 3.2Khz   .  Uses include  SACD  CD home theatre  systems due to its shielding properties and  High SPL @  92.9db efficiency
The 810653 features a  dual magnet motor system  and special  very low viscosity Ferro fluid  with a pure felt chamber damping to reduce distortion and improve imaging  sound stage and dynamic range.  This tweeter is used in HDS 150 250 250C 455    speaker and speaker  kit s and OEM speakers


PEERLESS  HODS  810653 Tweeter

* Loudspeaker Measurement System

* LMS(TM)  Mar/05/2002

* (Copyright 1993-2000 by LinearX Systems

Inc  Stones Sound Studio

* ElectroMech Speaker Parameters *

* Mar 18, 2002   Mon 10:20 pm

* Library=So1160hp.lib

* Reference Curve=SO1160 105mm F/A

* Delta M/C Curve=SO1160 freq 1m

* Method= Single Curve - with Mmd

* Domain= FreeAir

* Model= LEAP

Revc=    5.1  Ohm

Fo=    1.066K Hz

Sd=    7.200  sqCM

Krm=  694.391  uOhm

Erm=    0.726

Kxm=    6.608  mH

Exm=    0.553

Vas=    7.105m Ltr

Cms=   96.522u M/N

Mmd=  220.000m g

Mms=  231.109m g

BL=    3.258  TM

Qms=    1.184

Qes=    0.671

Qts=    0.428

No=     1.240 %

SPLo=   92.951  dB

  Power handling:    
  Long term Max System Power (IEC) (W) 130