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 Artisan R375-S (Level  3)   special edition   designed  by Russell Storey                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   



NEW Artisan Loudspeakers  ™  SHD - (Super High Definition)                                                                            11/08/2013 
Artisan R375S    Level 3 –Kit     Twin 6.5 " Floor-Standing  Speaker   ( NO Cabinet)  Kit  includes :
Features : Scan Speak Woofer and Fountek ribbon tweeter , wide frequency range 37Hz to 45Khz , 87.5 db SPL @1m 1W 2.83V  Efficiency , Minimum 6.8 ohms impedance , Suitable for low powered single ended valve( tube) Amplifier but will also handle amplifiers   200Watts , 3D imaging and sound stage with incredible dynamic range, fast tight deep bass, mids and top end detail with very low distortion and low level music retrieval . High end Components ,Hand built in matched pairs , tuned and tested by Russell Storey

Artisan R375S  Level 3  Kit Fully Finished and tested    ,  Price $3499.00   ( NO Cabinet)    plus shipping 

Eric's  Review

I got in touch with Russell a few months ago regarding a Scan Speak Ribbon  system that i had in mind for a while. Already a very happy customer with the 360 series I had built a 2 years earlier, i also wanted to  finish a 6.5 " Scan Speak system. I already had bought the drivers a few years earlier, and these, were still lingering in their boxes unopened.


The resulting tower system is simply stunning. A friend who is also a professional  Acoustic Engineer, was amazed by the sound. When i told him how much they cost me, he was bewildered as he thought they were 10 times that amount. He thought of them as monitor speakers, what goes in goes out. The whole system is deep bass tight and very clear all throughout even at very high levels running through the Redgum 120 RG at 2/3 levels.


I all heartedly recommend this wonderful Scan Speak 6.5" system. You will not be disappointed.


Eric Valric           Graphic Artist             Sydney  Australia


Randall's  Review

Dear Russell,


Just a quick note to let you know that I have successfully finished construction of my 375 S speakers.


It took a little longer than expected due to competing commitments.  

Construction was fairly straightforward due to your detailed plans and advice.

I also had them spray-painted with a 2 pack by a commercial kitchen manufacturer.  They look very good ( if you wish I can send some photos).


The sound is outstanding and by far the best I have heard.  Energy dispersion is completely even across the entire audio spectrum and I cannot detect any distortion (even at very high levels).

The highs are smooth, the midrange detailed and the bass is tight. They throw a wide and deep sound stage. They are very dynamic and I listen for hours without fatigue.


Can I find fault?  No. But these speakers have revealed weaknesses in upstream equipment and recordings - I have retired one amplifier already.


I agree with Eric 'what goes in is what comes out'. They are true monitors.


I am thinking of building a pair of 360's for my daughter on the success I have had with the 375 S.




Randall  Falkner          ex  CSIRO  Soil Scientist    ACT  Australia