Fountek Ribbon Tweeter woofer midrange      STONES SOUND STUDIO

         Fountek  Neo pro 5i        5"     Ribbon Tweeter    HIGH   ( SPL )  high power





Super strong Neodymium magnet fro high efficiency
Build-in impedance conversion transformer
Effective from 850Hz upwards due to the large diaphragm area and low self-resonance.
Thin enforced sandwich ribbon diaphragm guarantees a high degree of signal fidelity and broad frequency response.
Low distortion factor, good power-handling capabilities, high linear impedance and amplitude frequency response and the broad frequency response range.
Flat impedance from 1,000 to 40,000Hz

Ribbon material Enforced sandwich
Ribbon mass 88mg
Ribbon dimension 15mmX145mmX0.02mm
Ribbon area 2175square millimetres
Gap flux 1 Tesla
Gap height 5mm
Impedance 7Ohm
DCR 0.02 ohm
Sensitivity 102dB/2.83V@1M
Frequency response 850Hz ~ 40,000Hz
Resonance frequency 400Hz
Power handling 60W Normal, 120W Max
Recommended crossover frequency (minimum) 1.5KHz / 2nd-Order [min

The Neo Pro 5i is an  "excellent value for money "  high sensitivity pure ribbon tweeter for high end home theatre and music speaker system applications.
The Neo Pro 5i Ribbon tweeter applications include Low to medium power High End class A Transistor / FET or Valve amplifiers using high efficiency
 Woofer / Tweeter speaker combinations. Thus enabling Triode/Pentode valve amplifiers with only a few watts of output power to reach incredible
ound pressure levels with very low harmonic distortion. Due to the high power handling capabilities of the new Alloy sandwich diaphragm
he Neo Pro 5i Ribbon tweeter can also be used for High End Studio or High power PA monitor speaker systems requiring the extra detail and
distortion free sound and transient dynamics of a ribbon tweeter. The Neo Pro 5i is a true pure ribbon tweeter with incredible dynamics ,
sound stage ,depth of field, midrange detail, and shimmering top end to kill for.  Russell Storey  Stones Sound Studio

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