ARTISAN     Peerless  Scan Speak    Subwoofer  Speakers and Kit's

Super  High Definition  Speakers



 Artisan R1000-V2   &  V3              Twin 12''   SUBWOOFER    

 Scan Speak-Peerless               Twin 12''  Subwoofer                    Signature series        designed  by Russell Storey  
R1000 V2 Subwoofer The   Artisan R1000-V2 & V3          subwoofer

Features and Application 

Audiophile high definition subwoofer  for  both High end Home Home Theatre and 2 Channel Audio

Will  complement  both  small book shelf and  large Floor standing   speakers  in Hi End Home Theatre  and  Hi End  Stereo   music   systems .. with any kind of music or movie effect  .. 


ARTISAN  R1000 V2 & V3 lead lined    Subwoofer        

                   “Signature Series”    by Russell Storey


The Artisan R1000-V2 and V3 Subwoofer  “ Signature Series “ feature  front and rear 12" subwoofers speakers  that enable  tight fast deep bass and with low distortion on any kind of music or home theatre effects. (and not the usual boomy uncontrolled  bass) .The    Artisan R1000-V2 & 3  bass sound  does not suffer from Low Frequency port "chuffing " noise as this is a sealed passive radiator coupled  cabinet .

 The  Artisan R1000-V2 features a  cabinet that  has 36mm thick baffles  and uses "Stones "  double layer constrained   emulsified damped enclosure whilst the The Artisan R1000-V3  enclosure,  with improved tighter  bass yet again ,is lined with  heavy lead damping  and features  a constrained triple layer of  upgraded emulsified damped  materials in an enclosure weighing  45Kg .

The bracing ribs have acoustic guitar strut shaped  real  Australian hardwood anti-resonance battens to reduce cabinet and air flow  resonance.  Adjusting  the subwoofer  to suit music  or  movies is enabled  with  STONES  S200W-V2  subwoofer amplifier with an Audio  or Video  filter  switch  with Twin  Low pass  filters to  enable reduction of  cone excursion  with  low distortion and  LF phase coherence  which  enables better  matching of  the  phase to the front speakers  and  also helps in  eliminating room modes.

This  subwoofer amplifier  goes flat to 5hz in the "Audio  mode to enable  full range lower frequency  reproduction of 16Hz and 32 Hz  organ notes  or   Computer Electronic music...and has a cone excursion limiter  filter @  24db /Oct @35 Hz  in the Video mode  to complement  movie sound  effects . This unique feature enables high quality audio on any kind of music.    


ARTISAN  R1000 V2  subwoofer ( with inbuilt sub amp)  $1990.00  AUD

ARTISAN  R1000 Vsubwoofer ( with inbuilt sub amp)  $ 2990.00 AUD

                    Finished and Tested

                   “Signature Series”    by Russell Storey


FULLY ASSEMBLED   tuned and    TESTED  by Russell Storey  










Peerless 830500 12''




  Scan 30w-0000-00 passive




Stones S200W V2



Attractive Piano Finish
480mm x 480mm x 470mm
Dynamic Subsonic frequency response
to 17Hz to 250Hz  adjustable with Sub  filter



           STONES S200W - V2          SUBWOOFER AMPLIFIER   with - Twin  LP -  Audio/Video  Filter


STONES   S200W-V2   FEATURES                                   Russell Storey

·         Improved   Twin A/V  LPF HPF  filter 

·         Improved   Video /Audio  switch

·         Improved   Volume  (level) sensitivity  

·         Improved   pre – amp noise

·         Improved    power  20%  soft clipping circuit

·           Improved    Bass  quality depth and speed

·           Improved   Power On   subwoofer    delay circuit

  PDF Datasheet  View PDF  SEE >>  STONES S200-V2    Installation and Operation   Instructions




·  Large Heavy Duty Power Transformer 

·  High current 22,000 uf power supply for low impedance 4-8 ohm   loads

·  Pure copper speaker cable  4.25 mm 2 x O.F.C(284 strand per conductor) direct soldered to PCB  ,No  Hi loss in line speaker connectors 

·  Heavy duty Hi purity copper  3 core Power Lead 

·  4 X Hi Power Discrete high current drivers and output devices

·  Large Heat-sink 

·  Output  short circuit protection circuit  

·  System thermal overload protection device

·  Gain control Woofer -Volume level

·  Freq control Variable low pass  combines with  A/V switch to enable twin filter   curve

·  Phase Reverse/Normal  switch  180 degs

·  Auto on/off control

·  Gold plated RCA  low level in/out sockets 

·  Speaker  high level in/ out terminals

·  24db/octave 17Hz  filter to reduce excessive cone excursion 

·  Thermal over load protection 

·  Heavy duty power cable  Multi  Color LED power indicator and protection mode indicator

·  Master power switch auto /on/off

·  Power  on in (auto)  standby mode triggers  with signal input from HT amp  

·  AC  240V  

·  Soft Clipping circuit  ,  new  High speed  V/us  opto-coupler circuit  

·  Video/Audio filter switch , New quite  switch circuit change over 


·  Use Phase switch REV /NORM to achieve the deepest bass in sync with the L&R Front 


·  Subwoofer Level Frequency and phase  controls are to achieve the best sound from your Subwoofer speaker  in conjunction with the Subwoofer speaker room  position .This will vary radically with different rooms and different program material music requiring different settings of the Gain/Freq/Phase  Controls  DVD movies require different settings to DVD music or CD Music 


Graph showing Gain and Freq
 Control settings

STONES_S200W Subwoofer amplifier

 220 w    @ 4 ohm 
 170 W   @ 8 ohm

THD: 0.8% @ onset of clipping full power

S/N ratio @ rated Power  84dB


Input sensitivity - Video 
ref 100Hz@1W @ 8Ohm

@ low level

 214mV rms 

@ high level

1.71V rms

Input impedance:
Low Level :49K
High Level :2.2K

Variable low pass freq control
Phase switch 180deg 
Frequency range 
Audio mode  10-250 Hz 
Video Mode18-150Hz

Sub Harmonic Filter  24db/octave 17HzLPF


                        STONES     S200W-V2    2011          TWIN  Audio -Video  FILTER CURVES
S200W-V2 AV Curves