ARTISAN    Peerless     Speakers and Kit's

Super  High Definition  Speakers


 Artisan R150-V23   Signature series        designed  by Russell Storey                 

Artisan R150 V2 Bookshelf


a Artisan R150  V23      Level1             Fully Finished  ( Blackwood grain )

a Artisan R150  V23  Speaker Kit         Level1   +  (Construction details) ( DIY ) no box

a Crossover level (  Component Upgrade  )     to  Level  ,1 ,2 ,3   available for Kit and  Fully Finished speakers

a  Bybee Speaker  bullets ( Upgrade) Level 4    available for Kit and   installed Fully Finished speakers 

a     Bybee Speaker bullets  improves  dynamic range  detail and sound stage  on any system speakers 


ARTISAN R150 -V2   5"  Bookshelf Speaker    


ARTISAN R150 -V2   5"  Bookshelf Speaker  Kit