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                                     Speaker Kits room positions

                                   Home theatre and Stereo Application

                                          Russell Storey

                                       Models 455,255,250,150                    Jan 2011 

                       Designers Notes on setting up speakers and room position

   The speaker spacing, location and distance to the listener are critical in enabling the optimum sound

   The best position for the HDS series L&R speaker is from 2.4M apart to  2.54M  apart standard when located  parallel to rear wall for medium size rooms  (3x 4)M and (4 x 5)M 
And up to 4M apart can be used  with large rectangular  rooms (6 x 9) Mtrs

   Use masking tape on the floor around the base of the speaker to mark the
   box position as a reference point for position adjustments.

  Amplifier Left & Right Channel level (balance) will effect everything

  Set Left & Right Channel volume level (balance) by ear or by level meter using  a pink  or white noise test tone generated in your Hometheatre receiver or with stereo amplifiers using a  noise test tone from a  CD/DVD disc . Do all level tests & positioning tests whilst seated in    the centre listening position (lay back lenny lounge chair).

  Important Note :
   You need to re check and reset the  Amplifier Left & Right Channel level
  (balance) each  time you move the speaker position OR change the program sound source

    The HDS series speakers were designed for medium to large rooms with a nominal seating distance of 3.7M, but can be also used in small rooms and flats as well
with fine-tuning.

   The closer you get to the rear or adjacent walls then the more "bass boom" you will get and LF room refraction increases.

   With tile or suspended wood Floors, I recommend adding a piece of 12mm thick Grey Furniture removalists felt underneath each speaker box the size of its base.
This also makes positioning speakers a breeze.

   Moving speakers out from the rear or adjacent walls will reduce the lower bass end and lift the mid and top end balance (like a see saw effect).
This means you will get tighter bass transients the further out into the room you move the speakers.

    The shorter the listening distance to the speakers  the more you will  need to rotate or toe the speakers outwards   

   The closer you get to the speaker the more this affects the on and off axis listening experience and thus affects the depth of field, Bass, Hf & mid balance

   Gradually Toeing the Speakers outwards from your centre sweet spot so they are parallel to the back wall will reduce HF & mids.

   As you appreciate, there are many variables in acoustics and the room environment is a huge variable.

   Remember like a motor car all speakers need to be run in over at least 2 months or 50 to 100 hrs

    One-step at a time lads will achieve a lot.

    In addition, may be its time to consider upgrading your speaker cable, equipment & interconnects which will enable the speakers to provide even more detail& dynamics to your listening experience.

Please feel free to contact me any time to discuss your project 

Kind Regards

Russell                             Stones Sound Studio