Home Theatre System Setup Guide
                                                       Russell Storey
                             UPDATED   509

Article I.                       Home theatre Receiver connections

Article II.                    Cable types  Video and Audio Cables DVD to HT Receiver         Video Cables Receiver to TV or screen

Article V.                      Speaker cables fronts and  centre

Article VI.                   Speaker cables Side , rear and rear centre

Article VII.                Subwoofer  audio line in  and speaker cable connections

Article VIII.             Speaker Room locations     (where should I put those speakers )

Article IX.                   Speaker  wall and ceiling  mounting

Article X.                      Subwoofer volume level frequency & phase settings using your ear and  bass

                           INSTALLATION:       Stones S200W Subwoofer amplifier   ARTISAN -MODEL-R1000 ACTIVE SUBWOOFER

Article XI.                 Setting Home theatre Receiver  speaker levels with broad band  white noise using a THX  disc

Article XII.               Method 1 using a test tone from the Home theatre receiver to setup levels

Article XIII.        
 What is HDMI Video  

    Method 2 using a THX test tone from the Home theatre DVD player to set up levels

Article XIV.             Recommended reference DVD video movies and music for testing  the best sound and  picture

  1.   DVD video movies with THX setup tones good picture and sound  
      Pirates of the Caribbean/ Pearl Harbor  / Star War

  2.    DVD video movies with good picture and sound 

     Recommended DVD music movies for testing sound and  picture

                                                  i.      The Rolling Stones 2002 world tour DTS (5+1)   4 disc set  the sound picture and performance  is the best the stones have ever done !    

                                                ii.      The Eagles (when Hell freezes over ) DTS (5+1) 95 still one of the best music pictures and sound quality !  track 4 for sub woofer  50hz tight bass

                                              iii.      Keb Mo  54th St sessions (5+1) very  tight bass, guitar and drums . the bugs flying around Keb Mos hat  and the chrome on  mic stands and guitar  reviel   good picture definition

                                               iv.      Ohnfilter . Music DVDs  recorded in Germany (Berlin)  Excellent picture and excellent    PCM  2 channel sound the best you will get  over 300 titles.

                                                 v.      Moby world tour