STONES  Nakamichi Dragons on the bench  in the Service  Laboratory



Nakamichi Dragon with  T100  Analyser   plus   Iwatsu DS-6121  Digital oscilloscope  monitoring  Dragon Auto azimuth  circuit motor drive  error voltage  during  alignment for Fwd & Rev play modes. Phase alignment  of the left and right channels is critical to the over all performance of record and playback and is aligned using a Tektronix DSA 602 digital signal analyzer and noise filter  to part of a degree accuracy. Tape guide alignment and record playback head height and head stoke  is set with Nakamichi Guide and Stroke Jig to enable correct tape path alignment and thus optimum play back and  recording sound quality . Our aim after a service is to make the Nakamichi sound as good as new an in most cases  sound better as the sound quality is most important .


                              Nakamichi Dragon  Cassette compartment  record playback heads and pinch roller assembly


Nakamichi LX5_lab_410