Components -Speaker


Voltage rating 1500 V  DC   
 Russell Storey
Capacitance   0.01- 10Uf
Metallisation: 99.99% Silver         Tolerance :1%

#Munforf Supreme Silver Oil Capacitor
#Munforf Supreme Mcap Capacitor
Munforf  MOX resistor

Mresist Supreme resist
Solen Inductors      # Elna Cerafine Electrolytic capacitor
Solen(SCR) Capacitor Tin Foil     # Components Speaker

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bullet  High  definition audio
 Valve reference Amplifier
Model A3500-SS signature    
 Upgraded Design by Russell Storey
bullet Valve Pre amp Kit coming soon
bullet Artisan  Torus Tri Iso Plate  Equipment  Stand  
bullet Artisan R1000  Audiophile Subwoofer  
bullet Artisan R260s high Definition  upgraded R250  "excellent"
bullet Stratus Audio Stands

Audiophile components and KITS  now available from Stones Sound Studio

Audiophile components and kits now available from Stones Sound Studio see down page 


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  • Home theatre audio Speaker  150 _250 _455 _800sub _1000sub _ Driver Kit_  Xover Kit _ COMPONENTS
  • Components high quality speaker cable ,Xover Cap, Resistor, Inductor, Internal wiring cable
  • AE-3,Line stage preamplifier, class A Triode
  • PH-1  Phono Stage, MM valve
  • SE-1Signature, Triode Single Ended Power Amp
  • AE-5 A 5 channel Single ended Surround Amp


  Plugs, cable, tubes, Phono Preamps, get the best from your audio equipment.


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  • Tube Comparison Chart

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