Nakamichi                 Service    

Our specially trained engineers have many years of experience in servicing Nakamichi Cassette Decks.

We are able to carry out repairs and routine servicing on the following Nakamichi decks and Cd Players:

  • Dragon
  • 480/481/482 (including "z" models)
  • 580/581/582 (including "z" models)
  • 660ZX / 670ZX / 680ZX / 681ZX / 682ZX /
  • BX-1/BX-2 BX-100/BX-125/BX-150/BX-300 
  • LX-3/LX-5
  • ZX-7/ZX-9
  • RX-202/RX-303/RX-505
  • CR-1/CR-2/CR-4/CR-5/CR-7
  • Cassette Deck 1/Cassette Deck 1.5/Cassette Deck 2
  • DR-1/DR-2/DR-3/DR-8/DR-10
  • MR-1 / MR-2
  • MB4S MB3S
  •  OMS7 OMS5
  • 250/350/500/550
  • 410/420/430/530/610/620/630/730
  • 600/600 II 580 582 680 681 682
  • 700/700 II/700ZXL/700ZXE
  • 1000/1000 II/1000ZX

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Nakamichi               Manuals  

We have  an extended  Library of  original mint condition  Nakamichi Service manuals for Cassette Decks
Car Cassette Radio  Car CD Radio  Nakamichi Amplifiers CD players  .

We will be happy to scan  Nakamichi Schematic Sections circuit  or mechanical Sections  etc on request  

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Nakamichi         Testimonials  

Nakamichi Dragon

Russell repaired and serviced my  Nakamichi Dragon with a level of care and attention which was astounding.  I have had it since new, and that is now over 25 years.  It has been serviced at least 3 or 4 times by others, but never so thoroughly; it sounds now as if it was new and would go on for another 25 years.

Regards,  Peter                       Accountant   ,                  Brisbane. QLD


My Nakamichi 482 had multiple problems.

Russell was able to take the time to trouble shoot each one and solve it.

When we received the deck back all functions worked smoothly and it sounded better than ever.

As an additional service, Russell supplied test tapes to confirm performance and gave advice on setting eq and recording levels.

I highly recommend Russell to any Nakamichi owner who needs service and repairs, or wants to get full performance from their deck.

Cheers ,  Tony                                                             Sydney . NSW  

Nakamichi CR7 

I dont know what to say ...... the  sound I am getting  from my  tapes  now is   " Unbelievable "   , so clear and detailed    

Peter Gorogh     ,         Industry  cleaning               Brisbane QLD

Nakamichi  681 ZX

Hi Russell
I have played some tapes on the
Nakamichi 681 ZX
  (both yours and mine) and I have to say I am absolutely amazed!
Thank you again for doing such a great job!! The motor is inaudible and the sound volume is perfectly adjustable
The VU meter is working  a treat as well.
Thank you once again.

Rana Chakraborty ,                  IT Technician                     Brisbane QLD  

 Nakamichi  500
Hi Russell, 
Thanks for the note; I am impressed at the work you have done 
Nakamichi 500    And the pictures were very informative as well.
Thank you very much!

Tony Shellshear                 Geologist  Principal                   Geological Data Design         Brisbane QLD

                                         STONES  Nakamichi Dragons on the bench  in the Service  Laboratory                                                                   


Nakamichi Dragon with  T100  Analyser   plus   Iwatsu DS-6121  Digital oscilloscope  monitoring  Dragon Auto azimuth  circuit motor drive  error voltage  during  alignment for Fwd & Rev play modes. Phase alignment  of the left and right channels is critical to the over all performance of record and playback and is aligned using a Tektronix DSA 602 digital signal analyser and noise filter  to part of a degree accuracy. Tape guide alignment and record playback head height and head stoke  is set with Nakamichi Guide and Stroke Jig to enable correct tape path alignment and thus optimum play back and  recording sound quality . Our aim after a service is to make the Nakamichi sound as good as new an in most cases  sound better as the sound quality is most important .


                              Nakamichi Dragon  Cassette compartment  record playback heads and pinch roller assembly


Nakamichi LX5_lab_410


NAKAMICHI 1000 ZXL    Measurements  in  Stones Sound Studio  Laboratory    Noise & Distortion  Frequency response Phase  Group Delay  



NAKAMICHI 1000 ZXL    Measurements   in  Stones Sound Studio  Laboratory    Noise & Distortion  Frequency response Phase  Group Delay  


Below is a partial list of facilities and equipment we have to support our  Audio and Acoustics  services

  • LMS  4.0  3.70   (Loudspeaker Speaker  Measuring System  ) in  dedicated computer system
    Full driver thiel &small measurements driver frequency and Impedance measurements 
  • LEAP 5.00  4.60  (Loudspeaker Enclosure Analysis Program )
    Professional  state of the art custom software for loudspeaker system
    and crossover design with 3D  driver and enclosure refraction analysis
  • FILTER SHOP 3.3800  Professional  Digital and Analogue Design program (Linearx )
  • Sound Easy 7.0  Custom software for loudspeaker system
    and crossover design with FEM analysis
  • ATB Precision FFT analyser
  • Sample Champion Pro
  • Lsp CAD5.25  Pro Custom software for loudspeaker system and crossover design with Filter Functions
  • Protel 99 SE  PCB Design  Circuit Design  Analysis and drafting  software
  • Design CAD 3000 3D  3D Design Analysis and drafting  software SPICE for circuit analysis and design
  • Laboratory grade microphones with custom preamp
  • Real time low noise evaluation listening environment
  • IEC Standard Test Baffles


  • A full compliment of Analogue /Digital/Video test equipment
  • Hewlett Packard   332A   Noise & Distortion analyser
  • Hewlett Packard   222A   Pulse Generator  (1ns)
  • Hewlett Packard   3300A Function Generator
  • Hewlett Packard   3585A 20Hz - 40Mhz Spectrum analyser digital display
  • Hewlett Packard   3490B  2Ghz   Spectrum analyser
  • Hewlett Packard   8090B  2Ghz   Signal generator 
  • HP Precision Power supply
  • HP Precision  attenuator  600 ohm  0.2db step
  • Hewlett Packard 334 Function HV pulse generator  
  • Iwatsu SS-7611 (Lecroy)   100 mHz 4 ch/10 Ch Analogue  Oscilloscope
  • Iwatsu DS-6121 (Lecroy)   200 mHz 2 ch/ Digital 20Gig Sample /  Oscilloscope
  • ITEC 100Mhz  100 Mhz /1Ghz sampling  Digital Oscilloscope
  • Fluke 23A 116Digital Voltmeter 7Digit
  • General Radio 1390B Random Noise Generator (20Khz ,500Khz, 5 Mhz)
  • Phillips    PM5321 0 to 110 MHz  HF /AMwide band Generator
  • Tektronix  DSA 602A ( Digital Signal Analyzer )  Color display   2Ghz Oscilloscope   12 Channel
  • Tektronix  DSA 2526 100 Mhz Oscilloscope 4channel 
  • Tektronix  RM529 Video  Waveform monitor
  • Tektronix  Ref Pulse Generator Calibrator   70 pico second


  • Nakamichi CA7 Control pre amplifier 
  • Nakamichi T100  Analyser  for  Signal Level Noise  Speed W/F  Distortion
  • Artisan Pro Near Field Speaker 5'' monitors
  • Pioneer SV 893 Ref DVD Cd player
  • Sony SACD ES5400
  • Qinpu A 8000 Mk II   2 channel Ref Power amplifier
  • Amber SC60  Valve Integrated  Monitor amp
  • Altitude A3500SS   Integrated Tube amplifier
  • Luxman PD300 Turntable  with  Dynavector DV505 Tone arm with  Karot D17Mk ii
  • Nakamichi  Test tapes and Gigs 
  • Siemens LF Sweeper Oscillator
  • Weston 981-3  Tube Tester    Ex Western Electric  laboratory Calibrated tests dual triodes without resetting switches. 
  • AWA Noise and Distortion meter
  • Trio AG 202-A Audio Generator
  • Sound Technologies 1000A  Precision FM alignment Generator 
  • Precission Audio resistor  test loads
  • Vari-ac Variable A/C Power Transformer  2A
  • 240V-240V Isolation Transformer
  • DVD reference alignment  disk
  • CBS CD1  Alignment Disc
  • Devon DVD 2200 Player
  • Marantz CD 11Mkii Player
  • Sony CDP101 Player
  • AMC 2445  Power amplifier


This section describes one aspect of our design services: our approach to the design of loudspeaker systems. All designs we do are based on actual measured data, not models or manufacturer’s curves. This is the only way to properly account for the effect on acoustic performance of cabinet size, baffle/driver geometry and bass driver loading. The complete design process consists of the following steps.

  1. Driver selection
  2. Enclosure design for best low-frequency response based on selected woofer free-air parameters
  3. Construction of a prototype enclosure
  4. Installation and testing of individual drivers for frequency response, acoustic phase centre and impedance in the prototype enclosure
  5. Performance of computer aided and computer optimised crossover network design using test data from step 4
  6. Construction of a prototype crossover followed by complete prototype system assembly and testing
  7. Listening evaluation and final voicing of the prototype system. This step is based upon our own listening experience and customer feedback.
  8. Preparation of a full report detailing the design process, all test data and a full set of system design specifications and drawings
  9. The prototype enclosure can be made with unfinished MDF. Building it is usually the customer’s responsibility. This is more cost effective than paying us to build enclosures. While we are responsible



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