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    ARTISAN    R360  


TESTIMONIALS   Artisan R360 V23  level 1 &  2            designed  by Russell Storey         

 High End  hi Fi System , Melbourne , Australia  2009      

 Steve purchased , The complete Speaker & Crossover kit with  Raw MDF  fully finished cabinets   

 Hi Russell

Here is small write up and some photos of your speakers, feel free to it  put them on your site.

 Review on the 360 ribbon speaker kit.

 Coming from a furniture industry background, I was impressed by the build quality of the

speaker enclosures. They are well made and everything fitted perfectly. It's a breeze to assemble.
I ordered the boxes raw and polished them myself in a green single pack lacquer.
These speakers perform well on entry level equipment and even better on more up market gear.
I am very impressed by the sound quality of these speakers, having owned lots of other brands of speakers such as Tannoy, Kef and Monitor Audio, these great speakers  and out performed the lot!

The 360's sound was better than the ribbon version Monitor Audio that costs over $6000.
This kit is great value for money, I would highly recommend these speakers.

Equipment list

Myrad  Power Amplifier  MXA2150

Myrad Integrated  MXI2080

Turntable : Project Perspective with a Creek OBH18  phono stage.

Cartridge :: Garrott Bros Kookaburra MM cartridge

Cd player :Myriad MCD200

Speaker Cable :Audio Quest  Midnight

 Interconnects : LOTH-X (braided cables) The others are custom made by Secher audio as are the power leads

Steve  Clark

Davinport Trading ,   Furniture manufactures  Melbourne   Australia


 Artisan   R360             designed  by Russell Storey

 Peters High End Valve ( Tube ) amplifiers and equipment  , 360 Ribbon DIY Speaker Kit , 2009, Melbourne

 Peter purchased , The Speaker & Crossover kit and built his own cabinets using our free online  Cad plans

Hi Russell,

I've had the 360s playing for a about a week now and have to say they are  Simply stunning.

 For me the most important aspect of any speaker is longterm listen ability.

Regardless how transparent, dynamic or detailed a Speaker may be,

 if I have to turn the volume down after a relative short Session,

then there's something amiss. Not that I listen at very loud

Levels. I'm only driving the 360s with a 22W, Class A 300B tube amp in

Push-pull configuration. The 360s efficiency is pretty good for a 2-way, so

that's plenty for me. I'm sure they'll sound even better after a few more

Hours of use... Anyway, I've attached some photos of one of the finished 360s.

Hope you enjoy them.

Best Regards,

Peter    Sydney    Australia

  " Peter  hand made these excellent 360 Ribbon Speaker  cabinets from Australia Walnut veneer  including grill panels" 


As for speaker construction the plans that were supplied they were easy to follow and outlined all the important information
that was crucial to their construction.

 " Your after sales service is second to none."    


Artisan R360 V23 Level 1 KIT        

R360 raw Lounge1

Artisan R360 V23 ( Level 1 KIT ( made in RAW MDF to be painted with 2pac  or veneered )

Hi Russell,

The speakers arrived yesterday in good order.  I put them together last night without any trouble.  I made very sure to match A's and B's.   

They sound sensational.  I just haven't heard anything that good before. 

 I was very surprised with the amount of bass, they are currently sitting on floor standing twin 8" woofer speakers and the bass is just better,

I expected better imaging but didn't expect that much better. 

You were right about the ribbon tweeters, they are amazing.

 I listened to a couple of CDs, I keep hearing things in them I hadn't heard before which is always a great result.

 I feel like now I need to listen to everything I have again to find out what it really was supposed to sound like.

Thank you for the badges, they will set off the finished boxes very nicely.


I plan to use the speakers without grills; however the grills are still greatly appreciated as we have friends with kids who still poke tweeters.   



Will Klinger                Electronics Tech / Engineer       Perth                 Western Australia  



Artisan R360   (Level 2 KIT)   Fully Finished by Russell Storey in Black Wood grain

Welcome to the wall of Sound

Posted by    Simon Maidment Home Cabling Solutions  QLD was recently given the pleasure of a test of some sensational floor standing speakers. The speakers were designed and built by Russell Storey and the research, development and passion that has gone into building these speakers is definitely reflected in the sound they produce.

The speakers tested were 360 sides speakers with a 260c centre speaker. Listening to these speakers blew a few myths and beliefs I held about speakers as the sound from these were like nothing I had heard from speakers costing thousands of dollars more than these. Russell went into great detail explaining the details of his designs and why they are capable of producing such incredible clear and accurate sound. You can read about this on his web site  stones sound studio.

The first thing I noticed about this system was the sound was like a wall, it surrounded you and it was not possible to pick where individual sounds were coming from. One of the amazing things also was that when you went from room to room in the house the sound remained the same. This is somewhat due to the phase coherence of the design, this is a measurement that is not even quoted or measured in many if any other  speaker manufacturers. Russell Has put years into developing these speakers with countless upgrades, testing development and experimentation, and the results speak for themselves.

The range of these speakers were incredible and have to be heard to be appreciated as I can quote all the specifications and numbers but when it comes down to it they need to be heard to experience the level of sound these speakers can produce.

For both music reproduction and home theatre these speakers performed outstanding, combined with an Artisan R1000 Audiophile  subwoofer they brought everything we threw at it alive. The 260c has an efficiency of 92.5dB and the 360 range has an efficiency of 87.5dB ensuring these speakers can effortlessly produce sound you can feel! The quoted specifications of the speakers Russell builds are real measured figures but the true test of these is sitting back and listening to your favourite track. 260_blue3-13

Another thing I love about these speakers is the fact you can custom build them in a range of finishes with the enclosures being able to be painted the visual impact these speakers can make in your listening space is only limited by your imagination.

If you are in the market for quality floor standing  sound system I don’t think you could go past these speakers. Visit Russell’s site and do some research for yourself. There are a few ranges of speakers for different applications, the combination I listened to would certainly meet and exceed the highest of expectations. If you would like any more information about this range of speakers feel free to


Artisan   R360 V23     FOUNTEK RIBBON SPEAKER KIT               6.5" 2 way        Super High Definition Series

 ”DAVES” TESTIMONIAL                         Mechanical Engineer   Brisbane QLD     
    with   Mundorf capacitor  upgrade


Hey Russ,                 (    Dave BUILT HIS OWN ENCLOSURES     using   the   Comprehensive   STONES     PLANS   & CONSTRUCTION   Details   )       4-2012


Well I spent all night Friday, and up till 2pm on Saturday finishing off the speakers, to your prescribed details, all felt came out really nice in the end, pretty fiddly but worth it seems.. Really dodgy picture attached.

Turned them on about 2pm Saturday and listened to about 5pm…


And oh my goodness these are fantastic.


Excuse my non audiophile language…


I had them setup in what can only be described as….not ideal. Need to get those stands finished asap, or at least find a better alternative than milk crates covered in felt. Though I made sure they are 600mm off the floor as suggested.


I listened to various music that I was familiar with, and also bits of movies as well with good action scenes, and all I can really say is the sound is nothing like I have heard before…..pretty much all the music I listened to sounded nothing like I remember.


Sitting back ~3m from the speakers, I cannot even tell that there are 2 speakers in front of me. Just a wall of beautiful sound.


Listening to live music (Dave Matthews band in particular) there are so many sounds from so many instruments coming all over the place.


The ribbon tweeters appear to be the star attraction, the sound is just so easy to listen too. I remember when I first asked you about these I wanted a nice smooth sound, no harshness, and I’m not sure how it is achieved but these are not harsh at all….but all the sounds seem to be there. Just in a soft smooth way….


Bass as you mentioned is a bit lacking, but I suspect that is partly due to my dodgy speaker stands, as well as the speakers loosening up. I did notice it was getting better after only ~2hrs or so. Also I have noticed that any closer than ~3m and the sound is completely different; really need to ensure that distance is kept.


I have noticed that the speakers are very…..efficient? is that the word. Even on very low volumes I can still hear everything clearly. And it doesn’t take a lot of volume to fill the room with sound. I don’t think I turned the NAD up above ~30%.


The only small drama I had was those banana plugs unfortunately don’t fit into the back of my NAD316. I did the dodgy and just clamped the bare wires down in the posts.


So overall I am more than happy with the results. And can’t wait to get some more listening in.


I do have one gripe with these speakers, I pretty much now am forced to throw away all my other speakers, as now they all sound rubbish compared to these. I blame you for that Russ!


-Dave.         R360 V23     

Mechanical Engineer
Brisbane QLD