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INFORMATION Description and Concept

News Room and Bybee Filter upgrades in brief  
For modifying electrostatic loudspeakers, primary power can be treated as described above. In addition, placing a purifier on the positive and negative stator wires is even more effective.

To modify dynamic loudspeakers, the best possible results are obtained by connecting a purifier at both the positive and negative terminals of each driver.

Audio, video and digital inputs and outputs:
For optimum performance improvement with RCA jacks, connect a purifier at (or as close as physically possible to) the positive terminal of the jack, and a second purifier on the return leg. Treating only the positive leg will also enhance performance, but to a lesser degree.
AC Upgrades:
The simplest AC modification is to primary power: Place the purifiers between the AC input -- typically an IEC socket -- and the transformer input.

Bybee Slipstream
Quantum Purifiers


By  Russell Storey

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Bybee INFORMATION Description and Concept

Application 1 :, Speaker Driver Terminals

Bybee  Rule of thumb Applications

Application 2 : Speaker Enclosure  Speaker  Terminals,  input ( External or (Internal) )

Application 3 : Speaker  Terminals, ( direct on the  +/- speaker terminals Internal) 

Application 4 :  RCA interconnect cable input to Amplifier

Application 5 :  RCA interconnect cable input to Amplifier

Application 6:   240V A/C  Equipment  power Filters and  main 240V 50Hz  grid  supply

Application 7:  A/C RF  Antenna  amplifiers and Satellite  Modems Receivers   &  Antenna cables


    Bybee Slipstream Quantum Purifier


                                              Russell Storey                  
 Bybee's current product line supersedes previously released products. The Quantum Purifiers are primarily intended to be installed internally in any active device like
AC power Analogue and digital  interconnect cables , speaker crossovers , speaker enclosure terminals, speaker drivers , speaker cable, amplifier out/ inputs, pre amplifier out/ inputs , Digital Home Theatre , RCA and Digital Coax inputs/ outputs .

Based on my experience with the interconnect purifier, their sonic effect is clearly cumulative with additional devices upstream from the speakers. The magnitude of purity and focus engendered by this device would typically only be the result of a major system upgrade. 

""Before you throw a lot of money at your system, give the Purifiers an audition. Go ahead, give your audio system the Windex treatment. If there ever was a no-brainer recommendation, the Bybee Quantum Purifier is it. I can't imagine listening to my system without them. ""

Application 1 :, Speaker Driver Terminals 

As the signal that reaches the speaker driver  ( Bass mid ,mid  or Tweeter) has already passed  through the noise generating , crossover  components , speaker cable , amplifier ,interconnect cables , sound source , TV , Music , DVD movie etc , I  recommend  adding    2 Bybee Slipstream Quantum Purifiers  at the end of the chain  to both  + and - terminals of  each speaker driver in the speaker box to gain maximum  benefit

Example , Stones Ribbon Speaker Kit HDS 360  or any speaker  enclosure

 Remove  the + and -  wire cables from each speaker driver  ( Bass  Mid  and tweeter )  and then solder a  Bybee Slipstream Quantum Purifier on to the
 positive and negative terminals as  per photo below . Solder the cables to the Bybee's ,

Solder type:  I recommend using  Mundorf  or  Welbourne Labs  high quality silver /copper solder . Available from Stones

 FYI , Russell Storeys  Bybee  Rule of thumb Applications  based on actual application trials and listening tests   2008

    use  large bybee filters  per driver  for  10 or 12’   15’ 18 “ woofers ,sub woofers ,  in   2 3 4  way systems speaker systems 

    use   small bybee filters   per driver   “ 4,5,6,8  woofers ,    bass / mid  ,  midrange  and tweeters  in  2 3 4  way systems speaker systems

I   use    small ybee filters in  low level signal  wiring  feeds  inside  amplifiers , RCA female chassis sockets and  RCA  interconnect  cables


I recommend  "use a qualified electrician "  to fit  2  large bybee filters  into the active & neutral wiring   of   the 240V /50Hz  mains wall plate  which filters all  the 240V/50Hz equipment  in one hit ,  turntable ,CD , DVD , Home theatre multi channel receiver amplifier  or 2 channel Stereo  amplifier, CRT , LCD or Plasma TV

 Fit   large bybee filters  on the  240V  A/C   input socket  inside the  individual   A/V equipment  like  turntable ,CD , DVD , Home theatre multi channel receiver amplifier  or 2 channel Stereo  amplifier, CRT , LCD or Plasma TV

 Fit    bybee filters  in  series with  any  amplifier +/- speaker terminal posts  inside the amplifier

 Fit    bybee filters in series with the ends of the  +/-  speaker cables connected to the speaker terminal post

 Fit    bybee filters  to  the  Speaker Enclosure  on the back of  each   +/- terminal post  so the bybee filters are  fitted in series with the wiring  going to the internal  crossover unit

My  recommended application  to enable the  best  and most dramatic upgrade  results

 Fit    bybee filters   direct to the Speaker terminals after the crossover
 Fit    bybee filters   into  Interconnect leads in series with the centre conductor at the down stream end of the cable . Between Pre amp and power amplifiers this filters the complete system


PS- have you ever tried adding them to the earth wire of the power supply, YES!!!

, As an experiment  I inserted  ( 2  small bybees)   one in the  centre core and one in the earth  in  an  RF   75 ohm coax feed  PSU   feed  to  my  UHF / VHF   Maspro mast head amplifier  20 mtrs away in the garden  and bingo  better  picture and signal . the coax has 22V A/C superimposed on the signal as well ,  ( RF  180 MHz to 950 MHz  + 50 Hz  22V  A/C  )  quite a test   !!   The bybees were fitted to the PSU unit in the lounge room


Application 2 : Application 2 : Speaker Enclosure  Speaker  Terminals,  input ( External or (Internal) )  

Remove  The  rear Speaker Terminal  ( plate ) from the back of the speaker enclosure (box)  . Then solder  and fit a  Bybee Slipstream Quantum Purifier in series with each  speaker terminal wire  ( + and -  )    ( Bass  Mid  and tweeter ) see Below


Application 3 : Speaker Enclosure input  Speaker  Terminals, ( External)   

Solder  and fit a  Bybee Slipstream Quantum Purifier in series with each  speaker  Cable wire  ( + and -  )  and  attach to each of the  Speaker Terminals  on the back of the speaker Enclosure (box)

Application 4 :  RCA interconnect cable input to Amplifier   (1pcs  Small Bybee )

Solder and fit a single  Bybee Slipstream Quantum Purifier in series with each  ( Left & Right )  RCA  interconnect lead centre ( wire) at the male plug centre pin ,Fit at the end of the cable that plugs into your amplifier . Use Eichmann Bullet RCA plugs at both ends of the interconnect cable ,  Available from Stones

Application 5 :  RCA interconnect  input to Amplifier  

 Bybee Slipstream Interconnect Termination Kits
Each terminator comprises  2 pcs  Eichmann RCA Bullet Plug  with a Slipstream purifiers integrated at the connection point for the signal conductor. DIY enthusiasts can construct their own interconnect cables, placing these plugs at either or both ends of the cable, depending on the degree of performance desired. If only one IC Kit is used for a cable, it should be placed at the downstream end. For best performance, terminate both ends of the cable with an IC Terminator.                 

Code:  IC Kit-RCA-Termination

2pcs  RCA plug  terminated with   Small  Bybee  Slipstream using Welbourne labs Silver Gold solder


 DIY your own  buy Eichmann Bullets & Bybee Slipstream Quantum purifier from Stones and solder your own  

What Is Quantum Purification?

Jack Bybee's Quantum Purifiers were originally developed for military applications, many of which are still highly classified. These amazing devices have been used for years by knowledgeable audio and video enthusiasts to reach levels of signal purity and transparency unattainable prior to their introduction.

Within any playback system, musical and visual information is transmitted by electrons flowing through conductors. As electrons interact with the conductive materials of cables and circuits, very low-level (quantum) noises are generated. As quantum noise energy accumulates in the propagating signal, low-level details pertaining to ambience, soundstage, timbre, dynamics, color fidelity and picture resolution are obscured, robbing the presentation of vividness and life.

Bybee Quantum Purifiers operate on the quantum mechanical level to regulate the flow of electrons that make up the signal (picture a metering light regulating freeway traffic flow). Current flow within the Quantum Purifier is unimpeded and ideal (think of the unencumbered flow of traffic on a lightly traveled expressway). During transit through the Quantum Purifier, quantum noise energy is stripped off the electrons, streamlining their flow through ensuing conductors. Unwanted quantum noise energy dissipates as heat within the Quantum Purifier rather than emerging as a layer of contamination residue over the audio/video information.

The benefits of this process extend beyond the physical length of the Quantum Purifier. As electrons speed through the purifier, a "slipstream" effect is formed which facilitates current flow in the surrounding conductors of the playback system. Introducing Bybee Quantum Purification into the electron path reduces quantum noise and increases signal velocity, resulting in performance improvement beyond what is attainable by any cable alone, no matter how well designed.

Slipstream: the New Generation of Bybee Quantum Purification

In 2003 there were breakthrough developments concerning the theoretically ideal materials and physical form needed to optimize noise reduction and electron flow through the signal path. Advances in materials science and fabrication technology have resulted in a unique new carbon fiber-based Quantum Purifier with electron noise reduction and electron Slipstream transmission properties that are distinctly audible and visible, and superior to Jack Bybee’s earlier developments. The Bybee Slipstream Quantum Purifier represents the Quantum Purifier concept taken to the limit. Slipstream Quantum Purifiers are now available in three versions—with copper, silver or gold leads—for optimal performance in different components and applications.

Small Slipstream Quantum Purifiers are typically used in lower-current AC circuits, non-AC analog and digital circuits, and smaller midrange drivers and tweeters.

  • Length: one inch
  • Diameter: 1/3 inch
  • Leads: one inch, 18 gauge copper
  • Current-handling: 4.3 A
  • Voltage: >1000 V 
  • Resistance: 0.025 ohm