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INFORMATION Description and Concept

Small Slipstream Quantum Purifiers

Bybee Slipstream
Quantum Purifiers


Bybee INFORMATION Description and Concept

Voltage rating 1000V
Current rating , 15A and 4.3Amp
Applications: AC power Analogue and digital  interconnect cables , speaker crossovers , speaker enclosure terminals, speaker drivers , speaker cable, amplifier out/ inputs, pre amplifier out/ inputs , Digital Home Theatre , RCA and Digital Coax inputs/ outputs .
Review Courtesy of and by Dick Olsher 2002,
2008 updated product  information ,Bybee Slipstream Applications   by Russell Storey Stones Sound Studio


Testimonials   Stones Sound Studio  Australia & USA  

Our customers are our best advertising. Here are just a few raves about our products, both old and new.

Dear Russell

I'm impressed with the quantum purifiers.

I know that my perception of sound changes with mood but the improvements I could hear were confirmed when my house mate listened to Tajmahal record. He had been listening to that record over the past 40 years and was stunned to hear stuff he'd never heard before. This was after some burn in time.

After the Taj album I put on a CD of Zappa's Have I Offended Someone? I figured that a good recording would bring out the largest difference. Many of the tracks on this compilation album have been remastered for CD in the 90's or were recorded in digital in the first place. Very impressive.I like the "windex" description mentioned in one of the reviews.   

I have noticed two phenomena when listening to audio improvements. One is a tolerance builds up to any improvement in reproduction just like with a drug. By the next day I could still hear "more" but not as pronounced. I note that one of the internet reviewers of the Bybees says something like "I didn't notice much when I put the purifiers into my system but when I removed them it sounded wrong" .

The other phenomenon I first noticed when I and a mate were taken on a bit of a tour of our local "high end" audio shop quite some years ago (around 20). We listened to the same CD through several different systems starting at $1500 going up to $25000. As each improved system was auditioned my ears had to adjust almost like when your eyes get used to the dark. Slowly I'd know where to listen and more detail would come into focus. I found this the case after the first "dose" I had from the Bybees.

 I use a Rotel Turntable through a Yaqin valve phono stage into an SM Pro Mpatch2 passive attenuator then into either a pair of Mackie HR824's or HR624 powered monitors. For CD's I use some sort of transport then take the digital out through either a DBX Quantum Mastering processor or Pro Tools 192i/o for DAC duties, through the Mpatch and into the Mackies. The main insertion point for the Bybees has been just before the powered speakers.CRYO  treated " best seller "


Matt Aylen ,  Matts Studio ,  ACT  Australia ,Sept 2008      


David Magnan
Magnan Cables, Inc.

I want to congratulate you on a truly immense breakthrough with your latest generation of quantum purifiers. In both the amplifier input and input to speaker positions they made a wonderful improvement in lucidity and purity, and a drastic reduction in graininess. This all resulted in a much more natural sonic presentation. From my present perspective , your new filters are an essential component, not just another tweak. Thank you for a large increase in my musical pleasure.

Gene Lippa
Sparks, Nevada

The SlipStream Silver 8 interconnects are the flagship units from Bybee Technologies. They must be heard to be believed as they set the bar for all else to reach. A bold statement I know but that is the truth as I hear it....
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Ron Yee
Honolulu, Hawaii

I started the [prototype Bybee Slipstream LC] cord off, as I always do, powering my projector in my home theater system. I do this to "break in" the cord, and to see if it introduces any noticeable changes. Without even knowing I had done a swap, my wife asked after 2 minutes of watching plain old cable TV: "Did you do something to the TV? It looks much clearer and more natural." And so it did, so much so that I left it on the projector for much, much longer than I had planned - not wanting to give up the improvements in picture quality.

This [prototype [Bybee Slipstream LC] power cord makes my projector (a very high level DLP projector) more resolving and smoother at the same time. Detail is much improved, and for some reason, broadcast artifacts are reduced - or at least they are rendered considerably less offensive. Color rendition is clearly superior - more saturated, more natural and lifelike. I suspect that is because your cord increases black level performance as well as gray scale accuracy. The overall effect is quite addictive...
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On Video:
An audio-video dealer friend and myself have done fairly extensive viewing with both the [prototype Slipstream LC] and [prototype Slipstream HD] cords powering a superb DLP front projection system by In Focus. We watched DVD, regular broadcast TV through cable and direct satellite feed, HDTV through cable and direct satellite feed, VHS high definition digital tape and computer video. off, and those include some pretty heavy hitters, such as Elrod Signature, Mac Delta, Shunyata Viper V2 and Electraglide Fatman Gold 2000, to name a few. My dealer friend will go so far as to say that the picture achieved with the In Focus projector using the HD cord is superior to that produced by any front projection system he has ever seen, regardless of type or cost. How is the picture better? Seemingly, in every way that counts...
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Steve Huntley
Great Northern Sound Co.

Prior to starting his current business, Steve Huntley was with Wadia Digital for 5 years, where he was involved with product development, sales and service.

Jack, I wanted to get back to you with some feedback about what I have tried here with my Wadia 860 CD player. First, I put a large Bybee purifier on each leg of the AC line and listened. The sound was much more open right away. It was a nice improvement...
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Tony Kob, Jr.
Leesburg, Florida

Hi Jack, I wanted to give you a preliminary report on-line use of your "simply amazing" purifiers. I have 4 of them and have experimented using just 2 of them so far in my modified Wadia 861 CD player, installing them after the transformer that supplies the analogue power supply on the main circuit board. They are screwed into the power input terminals on the circuit board in line with both red wires and not in line with the white wire. I am planning on using the other 2 purifiers on the digital power supply connected as above...
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Wayne Donnelly
Mountain View, California

Let me start with a little history. I reviewed the original Bybee products in the January 1999 issue of Fi magazine--unfortunately the swan’s song of that publication. In that review, I found the Bybee products to provide extraordinary musical improvements throughout my system. These improvements were so dramatic that even with the rather high cost of the products, I regarded them as the most exciting and beneficial audio accessories I had encountered in years -- perhaps ever. Moreover, I also found that practically every music lover to whom I exposed the Bybee devices was equally impressed; the only holdouts seemed to be some equipment manufacturers or purveyors of other sound-better accessories, who seemed to have more difficulty, for some reason, in hearing what was so clearly evident to others...
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Max J. Westler
South Bend, Indiana

Dear Jack Bybee,
Though it's now over ten years old, my system was pretty close to "state of the art" for someone who has to work for living, and I haven't had the inclination or the money to buy any of those glamorous and super-expensive components I read about in audiophile magazines. This, of course, has made me a sucker for tweaks -- any oddball gimmick that promises "dramatic improvements" at minimal cost. While some of those tweaks have proven to be effective, others have not worn so well. A few years ago, I tried (on the advice of a wise friend) a pair of Bybee interconnect filters, and unlike so many of the other tweaks I had tried, these really made a considerable difference: smoothing out my sometimes too-aggressive upper-end, further clarifying my mid-range, and extending the bass. When I asked my friend how and why these things worked so well, he only smiled rather cryptically and said, "Better listening through quantum physics." I was so impressed that I scraped up the cash to acquire two more sets of the interconnect filters as well as a set of speaker filters. At that point, I could not imagine getting any better performance out of my excellent but aging equipment. I guess I should have known better...
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Leonard Norwitz (formerly, Audio Note USA)
San Jose, California
Web Site:

Every component or gadget I’ve ever tested intended to address the problem of noise and other signal irregularities, came with bad news along with the good - most commonly resulting in a compression of dynamic response. Jack Bybee seems to have come upon a device that works.

Bybee Technologies is located about an hour’s drive from me, making it easy to have many auditions. Little by little I came to understand what effect his devices have on audio performance - though I still don’t know why they work. In two years of listening in a variety of components and systems, I have observed no downsides to Bybee devices (except that they can require as much as 200 hours to break in, depending on the nominal current.)...
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Stephen Dull
Calgary, Alberta

The Bybee thread is getting a bit long, but wanted to post my experiences with them as these are the only truly NEW class of device to come along in some time.

Furthermore, my background is in Physics, so I have a bit of ability to understand what Jack B has really done here.

First a bit of background: The devices are installed in my AUDIO ONLY system. This system is designed for very high musicality and emotive power. I've put it together over the last year, and it consists of: Platine Verdier turntable Pink Triangle Litural CD Joule Electra LA100 pre & phono High Fidelity Eng Zen Triode monoblocks Avantgarde Audio Duo speakers PHY-HP wire This is all run on symmetrical AC power (+/- 60 volts) via a 5kva isolation xformer - no other conditioning at this point. All is installed in a stand with pneumatic isolation for each component. I believe this setup is very dynamic and revealing - it will play to 115db easily in a large space, yet reveal very small shadings & nuances in the music. Most importantly it tells my WHY the musicians are there, not just what they are doing...
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