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 Peerless ,Scan-Speak, Vifa        Sunday July 29, 2012

Is an Art gallery of Custom  Diy"er Speakers for Stones Clients ,Customers , Email & friends
If you like I will put some Pics of your Speakers on to this page "with  their specs an short comment   
 Email info  to SSS  

" My Custom Speaker Spec's  "
Box type   2way , 2.5way 3way ?, Application , Home-theater / music/Car  ,Box OD dimensions HxWxD  , box type Vented /sealed or band pass  crossover used.

System  A :   Studio Stage Bass Guitar  Speaker
 Re engineered by
Russell Storey for 
 Peter Fricke  of  NSW  Australia      

Stones re engineered a pair of Richard Allan Stereo Hi Fi Boxes into a High definition studio and stage  Bass Guitar
rig .The system can be run as either single or double bass speaker mode. The Bass Guitar amplifier is a Time Traveler Studio
with  2ohm drive and excellent bass  mid and Hf  EQ control. Peter wanted to use the original HF tweeter so a simple 12/oct HP filter
was used in conjunction with the 12" XLS Peerless Subwoofer to give a bit more top end to the bass .
The vented  bass guitar boxes have wood slide rails on the sides for easy transport . The bass guitar  boxes also have a
fold up foot to adjust the tilt back for in Studio  live sound  close mic  recording of the enclosure .Peter manufactured
a metal grill panel to stones design and then had the grill powder coated .The speakers have a very  fast tight clean low distortion sound for jazz rock pop sound for both stage or in studio professional recording

Peters Comments on bass guitar speaker
"" I have always had friendly, helpful advice from Russell  and  I have totally enjoyed the experience, gaining some useful insights from someone who has a mountain a experience. ""

Thanks again

Peter Fricke

Peerless         12"  830514 XLS  High definition  Bass Speaker
Phillips           1" PH06    HI Fi Tweeter
 Crossover     HF   12db/ oct tweeter
 Box  Size 
900h*330d*250w.         Litres        rear vented                                                                        
 Amp Time Traveller 
 Bass Guitar
 Music /Home theatre system
 Finish    Black Vinyl Wrap

 Bass Guitar : Fender precision

Troy Dries  Victoria

HI Russell,

the speakers that i've built are my own design after long hour's on the net i found a windows based program for my box calculations and crossovers and after a couple of trail run's settled for what i think is a good all around size,900h*330d*250w.The speakers that I've used are two 8in hds peerless woofer's with a vifa 3ih dome mid and the 1in hds tweeter.The crossover is a simple first order but used only high quilty components,a must.Hopefully in the attached photo's u will be able to see the paint job,i wanted a moden look so i painted them with the ford phantom colour which changes colour in different light, a great effect.I'm very interrested in your thoughts on the look of these. System  B :   DIY   Peerless/ Vifa  3 way  built  by  Troy Dries  of  NSW  Australia      
 Peerless     1"  810653  High definition  tweeter
 Vifa             3"  D75MX-41-08      midrange
 Peerless     8" HDS  850590 
 Crossover   3 way   6db/ oct
 Box  Size 
900h*330d*250w.         Litres        rear vented                                                                        
 DVD /CD player
 Music /Home theatre system
 Finish    2 pac
  ford phantom

Darren   MAAS
Senior   Acoustics Engineer ,  SA

Hi Russell, hope all is well!
FYI I have finished my first complete speaker  box pair, see attached pics...

"  I have incorporated many design changes since our last contact based upon your recommendations, the results are great!!"""

Anyway, I am planning on building some more boxes and incorporate some more design improvements, as well as use your improved HDS tweeter and the HDS 6.5" phase plug (850467).


 System C:   DIY   Peerless/  2 way  built  by  Darren Jurevicius   of  NSW  Australia               
 Peerless       1"  811827 High definition  tweeter
 Peerless       6.5"    850122 
 Crossover    3 way 12db/ oct(Bessel Filter), 2700 Hz
 Box  Size     475h*330d*225w.        19 Litres        rear vented                                                                        
 DVD /CD player
 Music /Home theatre system
 Finish    2 pac  black

 Bernard Walsh  of  QLD Australia 

Thanks for all the tips on cabinet construction. I feel a lot happier
about having a go at it now. I didn't think of gaffa tape around the
box corners - I like that idea, will make it a lot easier to assemble & clamp!
In the meantime, I look forward to getting the crossover parts, so I can
wire them up & test-run the drivers -


 Bernard Walsh  of QLD Australia

System D:   DIY Artisan  R355 Floorstanding  Peerless/ 2.5 way  built  by  

 Designed by  Russell Storey     fully comprehensive crossover and cabinet  design plans available  to order  from Stones Sound Studio
 Peerless       1"  810653HDS High definition  tweeter built to  Stones Sound Studio Spec
 Peerless       5"   850428 HDS  shileded
 Crossover    2 way 12db/ oct( offset Butterworth Bessel Filter), 3.112Hz
 Box  Size    1250h*330d*225w.        56Litres        rear vented                                                                        
 Amp :              Yamaha RX-V430
 DVD player:  Pioneer DV-344

 DVD /CD player
 Music /Home theatre system
 Finish    2 pac  black

Dr Marcel Mangelsdorf    NSW Australia
   DIY Artisan  R150 Bookshelf  Peerless/ 2 way  built  Dr Marcel Mangelsdorf of NSW  

 Designed by  Russell Storey     fully comprehensive crossover and cabinet  design plans available  to order  from Stones Sound Studio
 Peerless       1"   810653 HDS  High definition  tweeter built by Peerless to Stones Sound Studio Specifications
 Peerless       5"   850428 HDS  shielded
 Crossover    2 way 12db/ oct( offset Butterworth Bessel Filter), 2236Hz      
 Box  Size    285h*330d*180w.       12Litres        rear vented                                                                        
 Amp :    Sun  300Be Valve Kit Amp 8watts per channel
 DVD player:  Sony  777 ES    SACD /CD Player
 DVD /CD player
 Music /Home theatre system
 Finish    2 pac   special orange
Speaker Stands : Hand Made  by Marcel Solid Australian Dressed Hardwood

System F:   DIY Artisan  R1000R Subwoofer  Remote controlled Peerless/ Subwoofer  built   J im Baker of WA   

 Designed by  Russell Storey    
 Peerless       12"   830500 XLS   High definition  tweeter built by Peerless to Stones Sound Studio Specifications
 Peerless       12"   850548 XLS   shielded

Artisan badges laser cut  semi gold metal alloy  now  available as option for all kits purchased from stones 

R1000-R with STONES upgraded  S400W subwoofer   amplifier    exclusively from stones 

R1000-RC remote SUBWOOFER cabinet  available  fully finished or Diy plans & internal  instructions exclusively from stones

Side wall mounting, S400W RMS amplifier.
Frequency response is subsonic (below 20Hz).
Low-pass adjustable filter (60Hz to 180Hz).
High-pass filter (20Hz Subsonic filtered).
Premium 2-Pack gloss painted box
with genuine solid wood feature panel
to match our HDS line of speakers.


No Port Velocity Noises
Attractive Piano Finish

Subsonic frequency response
to below 17Hz

remote  controlled volume and frequency

 Box  Size  480mm x 480mm x 470mm                                                                        
 Subwoofer Amp :Stones  S400W upgraded  400watt  remote controlled  
 DVD player:  
 DVD /CD player:Marantz CD11 mk 2
 Music /Home theatre system:Sherwood  R965 7+1  196/24 bit  D/A and A/D up converter
 Finish    2 pac   white semi  gloss or black piano finish
 Speaker Stands :