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Custom speaker box designs and  crossovers  are exclusively designed using  LEAP digital loudspeaker enclosure analysis program are optimised to suite your own personal requirements  .Your speaker  design project  will  not just be  good but excellent ! with  fast tight articulate bass  clean fast  mid and  top end detail  low distortion and dynamic range . With your custom speaker design  we encourage  email or phone feedback  with  any questions  you have related to the building of your  speaker project  including our  recommended  speaker locations to suit your  Home- Theatre or music  system  from a rough sketch of your room.

System 1 :  Peerless 8"  3 way Speaker Enclosure and Crossover 
Stephen Harrison  Goonellabah  Northern  NSW
Peerless  Leap  3 way Speaker HDS series 850490 8" Bass / 5" midrange 850528 / 1 "811827 Soft dome tweeter
Stephen said now I have a piece of  wood craftsmanship and speakers with 
"excellent sound stage  and a  great dynamic detailed sound"
back up service and advice  was excellent 

System 2 :  Peerless  2 way  MTM 

Peerless 6.5 " 850467HDS series phased  + 1 "  Peerless Tweeter 811827 tweeter    
Mike Hayward 
RAAF  SA Australia

Mikes makes his  own hand made cabinets he used the Peerless HDS series 6.5 " phased  + 1 " Tweeter 811827 tweeter 
and commissioned SSS to design the Audiophile crossover . 

"I  will highly recommend Stones Sound Studio to any one


 System 3 :  Vifa  2way Speaker Enclosure and Crossover 

Vifa  8"(220mm)  P21W-39-08  1" (27mm)Tweeter  D27TG 35-06  
 Leo Suleau  Kingston  Sydney   NSW   
A re engineering  of the my existing speaker cabinet, ports and an accompanying re-design of the
crossover  was suggested by  Stones Sound Studio
"The results have been much better than I would have anticipated.
Excellent" frequency response all around now. "Terrific sound staging etc."
and well worth the effort of facing up to the re-build, which was really, a soda.

 System 4 :  Focal Audiophile 3 way Speaker system 

Focal 10 "(260mm)   Focal 6.5"Audiom 6W  (170mm) midrange  Audiom Tweeter 
Shane Scinto  VICTORIA 
The Focal speakers were sent to Stones  for measurement of frequency and T/S parameters  the LMS speaker analyser 

"Dear Russell,
  I have received the bass drivers and have put together the
crossovers. At the moment the drivers are sitting in temporary cabinets. I
am going overseas in a couple of months so I must wait to fully build the
cabinets when I get back. This trip came up rather suddenly and I couldn't
miss the opportunity to go to England, France, Belgium, Holland, and Malta
However the cabinets they are in at the moment are still amazing
everyone that sits and has a listen to them. 
Thank you very much they are very sweet to the ear," and they can only get better. 
I will still let you know once they are fully built.
Shane Scinto  "
Pictures to Come " 

FOCAL High Definition 

Way  Using the Famous Utopia  Audiom Drivers  . The Utopia Version from Focal Costs 72,000 Dollars US
Shanes Estimated  cost was around $4900 for the Custom Speaker  design  components and he is making his cabinets with the Stones plans 

  System 5  15" JBL  Active SUBWOOFER 
JBL 15" (380mm) WGti 
Murray Ellison 9  Balina  Northern NSW 
15" Subwoofer enclosure  and  sub amp